Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chambray Blazer and Garnet Pants

I'm on the fence about this Loft blazer. I loove the color and the length, but it's a bit small in the waist/arms. I don't button my blazers, so not a huge deal, but I'm afraid I look a little sausaged. Online reviews I read said this blazer ran way too big, so I decided to order a 14. For reference, I'm usually a 16/18 in Loft clothing. It did stretch a bit during the day (I took these photos first thing in the morning), but I'm thinking I should really go up a size. However, a size 16 is no longer available on the website. I can think of so many ways to wear it, it will look great with dresses, skirts or pants. So, do I keep it and hope I lose a little more post-baby fat (I'm working on it) or return it and hope something better is possibly out there?

So, should it stay or should it go? 

Blazer: Loft (exact)
Top: Loft (similar)
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Madewell (current version)
Watch: Target (exact)
Earrings: Fossil (exact)
Necklace: Shop Something Blue (exact)

I can't believe it's already the last day for the Sarah's Real Life #Top10Remix! Many thanks to Sarah for hosting such a fun challenge. I plan on doing a recap in the next day or two, so stay tuned!

Budgeting note: This blazer didn't arrive until after I had done this month's budget, so if I keep it, it's going in next month's budget. :)

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