Friday, May 8, 2015

Feminine with Lace and Pearls

Happy Friday friends! This week has been a doozie. Graduation was last Sunday, so I worked a six-day week, which is usually no big deal, but all week was so crazy stressful. Lots of last minute projects, I liked it - but now I hate it - so redo it, and needed stuff yesterday kind of thing. At least it's almost over and it's time for glorious, glorious weekend! PLUS today I'm taking a half day mommy recharge day. No hubby, no baby, just momma time. I'm thinking a manicure...maybe some child free shopping. Or maybe I'll live dangerously and do a craft project.

And now to talk about the real reason we're here...the outfit. The lace and pearls in this outfit, combined with flowing hair, is making me feel very feminine. I actually wore this last Friday and the weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot with just a barest hint of a cool breeze. This outfit was perfect for a lunch date with co-workers and later dinner with family.

The only outfit downfall: my sweet baby was convinced this necklace should be her personal chew toy. That girl loves anything blingy: like mother, like daughter. Also, her new favorite game is to try to get me to eat my own hair and jewelry. Fun for her, not so much for momma. We'll be celebrating her first birthday at the end of May, I can't get over how quickly the year has gone!

Top: Gap Outlet (cute similar so want the pink version!)
Sweater: Target (similar)
Jeans: The Limited (exact)
Sandals: Target (exact)
Necklace: Ann Taylor (exact)
Watch: Target (upgrade, exact in rose gold)
Ring: Charming Charlie (similar)

I love this lace shell so much that I ended up buying a lace shirt with sleeves at Loft Outfit this past weekend. I'm not a big fan of the sleeveless look on me, and while the weather was cool enough for a light sweater, those days are quickly coming to an end in north Florida. Another thing I've been wearing non-stop: these cropped jeans. I'd like to find another pair to add to the rotation, maybe some with light distressing so I can wear them to work on casual/jeans Friday. Is it weird to buy almost the same thing, but slightly different? Either, way jeans and a lace are definitely on my wish list!

Enjoy the lovely weekend and do something nice for your momma this Mother's Day!

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