Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pop of Pink

Today I'm excited to be linking up with Bri from Work Clothes, I Suppose for Third Thursday Threads: Bare you Legs! So here are my legs an all their pasty glory... Seriously what's up with my face and arms being a completely different color than my legs? So not cool...

Yesterday I realized I've unintentionally been wearing black and white all week. (mental head slap) So today I decided to just roll with it, and keep on with the black and white trend. But at least to liven things up, I decided to add a pair of bright pink flats. 

This shirt holds a lot of fond memories for me. The last time I wore it was two years ago for my 30th birthday celebration. It was a lovely evening with friends; we enjoyed the most yummy chorizo and frosty margaritas. Part of the reason the night stands out so vividly is because the very next day I found out I was pregnant! With my daughter's first birthday approaching, I've found myself becoming a bit retrospective and sentimental. When I saw this shirt in my closet, I just knew I had to wear it and take a moment to think back on all the crazy, wonderful changes in the past two years. I love how certain pieces of clothing, like certain songs, can bring you back to a happy time.

Blouse: Loft (similar)
Skirt: Loft (exact)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar, adorable D'Orsay)
Clutch: Clare V. (exact)
Necklace: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (exact)
Earrings: Lucas Jack via Rockbox (similar)
Watch: Fossil (current version)
Bracelet: Loft (similar available in white, pink or green)

Be sure to hop over to Bri's blog to see all the other great outfits!

I'm also linking up with Tara at Mix Match Fashion for What I Wore to Work!


  1. I LOVE that top! The details are so pretty! I've been lusting after that clutch forever, too! The pop of pink is perfect!

    1. Thanks Mattie! I got it when Shopbop was was having a sale, so it wasn't quite so expensive. :)

  2. I love how just a small pop of color can add so much life to an outfit! Love it!
    The Lady Lawyer

    1. Yeah, I am really am learning that the little things can really make (or break) an outfit.

  3. Love that you have such great memories of a certain shirt!!! I'm terrible about remembering things like that, but maybe for things that important, I will. Thanks so much for linking up - I love the outfit ;)

  4. Thanks again so much for hosting!! I certainly don't have memories for all my clothes, just a few pieces here and there if something significant happened. And if I forget, my husband is super good about remembering that kind of stuff.