Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DIY: Three-Tier Cake Stand


I'm convinced that everything looks better on pretty plates. Vintage cake stands can come with a hefty price tag, so I was excited to find this tutorial on Pepperbox Couture! I sort of followed her instructions, but made some changes along the way, so I thought it would be fun to share my experience and create my own tutorial.


  • 3 plates per stand (mine were from my great-grandmother and a friend found some for free at an estate sale, but you can easily find some at yard sales or Goodwill)
  • 3-Tier Cake Stand Holder ($6.34 from Amazon) this comes with bottom, middle and top stand pieces, 6 foam washers and one screw per kit
  • drill
  • ceramic drill bit set ($9.97 from Home Depot)
  • masking tape
  • permanent marker
  • water source 
Cost:$16.31 (more of course if you need to buy additional materials)


Before we begin, here's quick breakdown of the cake stand holder pieces. A pack of five stands came with five tops/crown, five middle sections, five bottom sections, 30 washers and five screws.

On the BACK of the plate, find the center and mark location with a permanent marker (don't worry, you're going to drill through the mark, so it won't show) I'd like to say I took the time to precisely measure, but I just eyeballed it.

On the front-side of the plate, cover the area to drill with masking tape (this will help with chipping and catching any bits of ceramic that could chip off)

STEP 3: 
Using the smallest drill bit (1/8) SLOWLY drill into the mark made on the back of the plate. You'll want to do this at the sink so that you can occasionally bring the plate under water to keep it from overheating and cracking.

PATIENCE: Seriously, it's going to take AWHILE to drill through the plate. I think it took around 20-30 minutes per plate. (At this point I almost threw in towel on this project. Patience is not my strong suit.)

Once you get the smaller bit all the way through the plate, switch to the 1/4 bit size and continue drilling until it also goes all the way through the plate. Thankfully, this doesn't take nearly as long! (The hole from the 1/4 bit is the perfect size to fit your cake stand holder) REPEAT for all three plates. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture at this stage, but it looks a lot like the pic from step 4.)

Sandwich white washer between the BOTTOM of the plate and bottom piece of the cake stand holder. Fasten with screw.

 (Bottom view)

  (top view)
STEP 7: 
Place washer on top of the bottom cake stand holder, take the second plate, place on top of bottom cake stand tier, and place washer on top.

STEP 8: 
Take second part of the cake stand tier, screw into the bottom cake stand tier.

Repeat steps 7 & 8 except with top plate and top piece of the cake stand holder.

STEP 10: 
Make sure everything is firmly screwed in place and you're done!

These pretty little stands looked perfect at my daughter's vintage-inspired first birthday party!

 And now that the party's over, they make an excellent holder for my makeup. :)

So there it's is, a simple cake stand holder in 10 (relatively) easy steps!

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