Monday, June 29, 2015

June Budget

Kendra Scott Rayne necklace: via Rocksbox Originally $80 + credits: $29
Baublebar beaded tassel lariat: Originally $42, $14 discount: $28.00
Mossimo pleated maxi skirt: $24.99
J. Crew Factory eyelet tee: Originally $79.50 marked down to $38.99
Urbanite posy bracelet: $8.00
SageKandCo spike bracelet: $8.00

June total $136.98 - $150 budget = $13.02 under budget!
($105.51 in savings)

After last month's budget fiasco, I'm so proud to report that I'm under budget! I tired a lot of stuff, sent a lot of stuff back, and this is what I ended up keeping:

Kendra Scott Rayne Tassel Necklace (see how I wore it here, here, here and here)
I fell in love with the Kendra Scott necklace my husband gave me for Mother's Day, so I was super excited when this beauty came in my Rocksbox. I love how the more neutral color seems to go with almost any outfit and it immediately looks put together. I've found myself wearing in almost non-stop, and since I had some referral credits, I got a great deal on it as well. It just seemed like a no brainier.

Baublebar Beaded Tassel Lariat (see how I wore it here, here and here)
In a previous post I talked about how much I've been wanting a lariat necklace. I found a bunch of great options, but this pearl one was hands down my favorite. Baublebar had a great sale over Memorial Day weekend and I had some credits built up, so I decided to give it a try. I've been a little disappointed with Baublebar in the past, both of my X-rings have had stones fall out and the gold is turning, but so far this necklace has been holding up well.

Mossimo Pleated Maxi Skirt (see how I wore it here and here)
I love a good maxi skirt (or dress) and I like how soft and feminine this skirt is. It really is perfect for spring/summer. I does run extremely large. For reference, I usually wear an XXL in Target clothing and I got this in L and it's still a little big. It does wash very well, and I haven't had any problem with the pleats falling out.

Factory eyelet tee (see how I wore it here)
Apparently I can't get enough of lace/eyelet tees, because I bought another one this month! I really love the zigzag detailing on the sleeve and it's a little longer in length than the lace top I bought last month, so I think it'll go better with pants. Plus it's fully lined, which is a nice bonus. For reference, I got this in an XXL.
Urbanite posy bracelet (see how I wore it here)
This bracelet was pretty much an impulse purchase. I've been getting back into wearing bracelets and I wanted something with a little bit of color to it. When I saw this one from Urbanite in my favorite color, for only $8, plus free shipping, I snatched it up. It's well made and has a good weight; it definitely seems like a more expensive piece. I just need to remember to wear it more often! 

SageKandCo spike bracelet (see how I wore it here)
This Stella and Dot cluster bracelet has been making the rounds on the blogs. I love the looks of it, but I'm not willing to willing to spend $59 on the latest trend. I have a feeling it's something I'll wear for only a little awhile, and getting the knock off version for $8 makes me feel a lot less guilty if I'm not wearing it a year from now. In the meantime, how fun is this bracelet? I love the soft rose gold paired with the spikes, and it looks great paired with a boyfriend watch.

I did try several things that just didn't work out as much as I really, really wanted them too.

What didn't work out:

 eShakti Chevron Stripe Poplin Dress
This dress was such a disaster on me. It's partly my fault. I didn't measure like I was supposed to, I just found the my size at Loft and picked the closest size from eShakti, which came out to be a 16W. Should work, right? So, so wrong. I couldn't even get the dress zipped. I guess I could have tried doing real measurements and reordering, but I just didn't think the dress was flattering on me, it makes me look super wide from the side, so back it went.

Ann Taylor Ribbon Stripe Full Skirt
I've been really, really wanting a black and white stripe A-line skirt so bad and I had hoped this one would fit the bill. First off, it doesn't look like it does online, it's much fuller in real life. I guess from the front it doesn't look too bad, but it flared up in the back made me feel like a three bums instead of just one, so it was pretty easy to say no to. On a smaller girl and I think it would have looked awesome. My hunt for the perfect black and white stripe skirt continues...

American Eagle Mid-Rise Jegging Ankle Jeans:
Too short, to distressed, to much whiskering, these jeans just not quite right. But they are soooo comfy. Seriously, the stretch was perfect. And they fit great. For reference, I ordered these in an 18 since the reviews said they run a little tight. I almost kept them just because they felt so good, but I just don't think I'd be comfortable with that much distressing and I don't think the whiskering (which isn't showing up in the photos) is doing me any favors. I still want a pair of ankle jeans with light distressing (so I can still wear them to work on casual Fridays) and in a lighter wash then my favorite Limited crops, so I may have to try American Eagle again, just in a different wash. They were that comfortable. I'm leaning towards trying the super stretch jegging in dark destroy and cuffing to get the ankle length. 

What I'm on the fence about:

eShakti Her Fifties Colorblock Skirt
I mentioned above that I thought I'd be all clever and just match my measurements to my size at Loft, so I ordered this skirt in a 16W. With the elastic waistband it fits, but it's a little snug. I could make it work, but it might be better to order it in a size up for comfort. It just takes forever to get anything from eShakti since it's coming from India and has to clear customs. Also, I'm not sure how much I'd end up wearing it. Is it me, or is it super fluffy? Or am I just not used to a fuller skirt? It's not showing up clearing in the photos, but it's white and navy and it has pockets! I love skirts with pockets! I could see it paired with a variety of different color tees, maybe with a sweater in the fall. Heels would be a must. I'd have to play with it. Thoughts? Keep, exchange or return?

Do you keep a clothing budget? If so, how did your do this month? I'm linking up with Franish, so be sure to check out all the other Budgeting Bloggers! 


  1. One thing I do with the fuller skirts is wear a petticoat underneath. It poofs it up *more* which I think helps reduce the effect that it makes your butt and hips look wider. It has more of that 50s look instead.

    1. I do love the 50s look, but I'm hesitant to wear a petticoat in summer, in Florida. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the fall/winter! Thanks for the advice. :)

  2. Its too bad you didn't like the Ann Taylor skirt on, I think it looks super cute on you.

    1. Thanks Cassie! It does look better in pictures than I remember it looking on. Maybe I was too harsh? That's what great about blogging, I'll take all the advice I can get!

  3. I love that Ann Taylor skirt too. I think you might be too harsh on yourself about the fit! I think the length is ultra flattering. (But I know, sometimes it looks different in person and you need to feel confident about it.)

    1. and Cassie are making me seriously second guess returning that skirt. I just looked online and it's popped back up in my size and at a lower price than I originally paid for it. Maybe I'll have to reorder. :)

  4. I really want to jump on the pleated skirt trend! Love the on you got, and it's from Target?! Yes, please! It would be so cute paired with that eyelet tee. :)

    1. Thanks Mattie! I just looked, and it's currently on sale for $19.99. I wore it with the eyelet tee last week I think? You can see how I styled it here