Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vintage-Inspired First Birthday

My baby girl turned one this weekend, and in honor of the occasion, we threw a sweet, simple vintage-inspired birthday party. Let's be honest, this party was more for me since she's still so small, so I decided to go girly, girly, girly in case she's not into that as she gets older.

Around February, I started looking at Pinterest for birthday party ideas (originally thinking we might do something Minnie Mouse-themed) when I can across a little girl's tea party and was hooked. I loved the idea of getting to use my great-grandmother's china and serving lighter fare for party food. I thankfully already had a lot of the decor items, and found some great stuff at Dollar Tree, Amazon and on clearance at Target. I also did a few DIYs to complete the look.



The details:



Designed by me! (Don't want to make your own? Etsy has tons of amazing options)


  (Three Generations: The dress in this photo was made by my great-grandmother. 
My grandmother, myself and now Aubrey have worn it.) 





I plan to post some DIYs from the party in the next couple of days...so, stayed tuned!

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  1. The party seemed amazing with those lovely decorations. It was nice of you to share the details of the party arrangements with us. I’m also planning a party for my son’s birthday next week. I’m not a huge fan of house parties as I feel like it’s too much work. So I’ve booked a suitable party space at one of the venues in Los Angeles for the birthday celebrations.