Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Repeat

What's your opinion on repeating outfits on the blog? I wore a very, very similar outfit back in April, but, for your enjoyment, it's back again today, with a different pair of shoes and necklace. That makes it different enough, right?

This weekend and past two days have been rough. Poor baby girl had a stomach virus this weekend and we spent two days covered in throw up, then Monday afternoon she developed an ear infection and a really bad case of pinkeye, so bad, in fact, that her right eye was bleeding. According to the doctor, two unrelated incidents, just a double whammy. So that's why I didn't post yesterday. Just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you. :)

On a positive note: Tomorrow I'm linking up with Bri from Work Clothes I Suppose for Third Thursday Threads, so be sure to check back in.

 Top: Loft 
Pants: The Limited (similar)
Shoes: Madewell (current version)
Watch: Fossil (very similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott (exact

I used my how to roll silky sleeves tutorial to fix my sleeves.

//Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore.//


  1. I'm more than happy to see repeats. I'm just starting a style blog myself, and I was anxious about wearing the same thing every day that until I realized that I like reading style blogs to see what real people with real wardrobes (and real lives) wear every day rather than to see what ideal people with magical wardrobes wear. So, repeat on!

    1. I completely agree! I favorite bloggers are the ones with real wardrobes wearing things they actually wear everyday. Though sometimes I think it would be nice to have that magical wardrobe. It sure would make getting dressed easier. :)