Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week in Review 8.30.15

Cream cardi and embellished sandals on repeat: one  //  two  // three

Blog Love:
  • I've been completely hooked on clothing remixes ever since Briana presented her skirt remix challenge. Lisa from Respect the Shoes has the best trench dress mix on her blog this week. **serious heart eyes***
  • I love "what's in my bag" type posts and what's better than just a bag? A diaper bag post! (At least for us mommas (or soon to be).) Paige from Style This Life's diaper bag is so neat and organized, mine looks like a bomb went off on it most of the time! She's definitely inspired me to clean it up. The secret may just be lots of compartments and pouches. :)
  • I love Merrick's post on how to transition your wardrobe for fall. Not that it's going to be fall anytime soon in North Florida, but a girl can dream I suppose.

On Teal and Polka Dots:
  • On the blog: My budget post is up! I spent all the money, and took advice from a work of fiction. I'm a mess. :)
  • On Instagram: I rediscovered this half completed scarf while looking for knitting needles for a new project. Score! I believe I originally started it at least two years ago while I was pregnant and had completely forgotten about it. Can't wait to finish it up and wear it!
  • On Twitter: Sometimes parenting gets real.

Favorite Sales:
    • 40% off of Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic with code 3DAY
      • This fit and flare dress from Old Navy has 3/4 length sleeves and would be a perfect transition piece from summer to fall and even winter with a sweater, tights and boots!
      • I love the idea of this floral pleated skirt, though I know it would all look wrong on me. So someone else snatch it up and post pictures, so I can admire from afar. :)
      • Suede d'Orsay flats in my school color? Yes, please! (Lots of other fun colors available if garnet isn't for you.)
    • Reading: I just finished reading "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Beth Haribson. Normally I really like her books. "When in Doubt, Just Add Butter" and "Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger" are two of my favorites by her. But for whatever reason, I didn't like this one so much. I didn't like the main character, so that's usually a deal breaker. But I liked the idea of it; who hasn't thought about going back in time to change something from our past, or at least to have a heart to heart with our younger selves?
    • Listening to: Ingrid Michelson. It's been over a year since she released "Lights Out" but it's still so, so good. This video especially is just the best. Seriously, the best.
    • Watching: Last night I watched "Horns" with the hubby. Since I had to read the book for book club, I was curious about the movie adaptation. I don't know why they always have to change the movie. I mean, sometimes I get it when there something that doesn't translate from book to movie, but most of the time, the book was popular for a reason, why do you have to go and change everything?? The movie was weird, and honestly, just not that great.
    • What I'm Crushing On: I'm sad I missed the boat on Anthropologie's handpainted globes. There's lots of (expensive) options online, but I'm thinking a possible DIY? 
    • Goal of the Month: I'm done with the 30 Day Crunch Challenge! I really wished I had measured before and after or at least taken a photo, because I don't really see a difference, but I don't know if that's because I see myself everyday or if the stubborn "mom belly" is to blame :( Suggestions on what to do next?

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