Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wear What Where October Style Challenge Recap

For the month of October, I participated in the Instagram style challenge Wear What Where October, hosted by @wearwhatwhere, @blondieesquire, @gverastyle, @poshlula44, @prylb and @vanessabenefiel. The rules were super simple: follow a style calendar, interpret a list of prompts however you wish and use the hashtag #wearwhatwhereoctober. Super easy, right? There were several chances to win goodies throughout the month and a grand prize winner. Which was just icing, I had fun just participating and discovering a lot of great Instagram feeds!

#WearWhatWhereOctober Style Prompts

1. Grey Gradients (see original post here, see blog post here)
2. A (J) Crew of Blue (see original post here, see blog post here)
3. Tee Time (see original post here)
4. Denim Darling (see original post here, see blog post here)
5. Buffalo Plaid & Gingham (see original post here)
6. Hint of Fall Print (see original post here, see blog post here)
7. Emerald City (see original post here)
8. Fall HarVest (see original post here)
9. Orange Your Savvy (see original post here, see blog post here)
10. Going Bananas (see original post here)
11. Deep Pockets (see original post here)
12. Finest Fringe (see original post here)
13. Dark Florals (see original post here, see blog post here)
14. We Wear Pink (see original post here, see blog post here)
15, Sweater Weather (see original post here)
16. Bucket Bags and Crossbodys (see original post here, see blog post here)
17. Blanket Scarves (see original post here)
18. Dances with Wools (see original post here)
19. Fall Leaves Call for Long Sleeves (see original post here)
20. Blanc, Merlot and Rose (see original post here, see blog post here)
21. Metallic Miss (see original post here)
22. PerSueded (see original post here)
23. Capes, Blazers and Cape Blazers (see original post here)
24. Hunters, Duck Boots, Sorrels (see original post here)
25. Oversized (see original post here)
26. Teal and Ice Blue (see original post here)
27. A Fox in Camel (see original post here)
28. You Hit the Target (see original post here)
29. Did You Say d'Orsay? (see original post here)
30. Draped in Druzy (see original post here)
31. Costume Cutie (see original post here)

Style Challenge Breakdown 

Top 3 Posts (most likes)*

*As of October 31, 2015 at 9 a.m.

Personal Favorites

  • #1 Metallic Miss: This outfit is a close recreation of what I wore for my bachelorette dinner four years ago, so it holds a fond place in my heart. And seriously, how awesome is this top?! Can't wait until I'm skinny enough to wear it again..
  • #2 Orange You Savvy: One of my favorites because it challenged me to wear a color I never, ever wear - and I ended up loving it! Orange + Blue = Awesome
  • #3 Hunter, Duck Boots and Sorrels: I love the color-combo, and it was the first time I got to wear my new Hunter Boots. I can't wait until it's cool enough outside to wear this for real!

Least Favorites

  • #1 Finest Fringe: I actually really liked this outfit in real life, but this photo does it absolutely no justice. I've got an ugly energy meter in the background. What was I thinking? 
  • #2 Grey Gradients: Such a boring outfit. Too much grey, I should've added a pop of color or something. 
  • #3 You Hit the Target: Funny that one of the most popular posts would one of my personal least favorites. I don't like the collage, which I did because I hated the individual photos. The cardigan is too long and sloppy as well. 

Most Challenging Posts

  • Teal and Ice Blue: Two colors I don't own a lot on in my closet. Ironic considering teal is one of my favorite colors and the name of my blog. My house is all kinds of teal, aqua mint and blue, but my wardrobe not so much. Then I remembered this look from July and decided it was close enough.
  • PerSueded: I don't own one single suede thing. I was stressing about what to do until I went to Target to get diapers and milk for the baby and saw these shoes just waiting to be tried on. Saved!
  • Draped in Druzy: I tried taking completely different photos with a aqua druzy necklace, but hated them. Scrolling back though my Instagram feed, I thankfully found a pic with a druzy cuff I could regram. 

Final Thoughts

I am so, so glad I did this challenge! It was kind of a relief not to have to worry about what to wear everyday, because I had a prompt to telling me exactly what to do. On the other hand, sometimes it was really hard to figure out what to wear, because I had a prompt telling me exactly what to do. During the challenge I gained about 55 new Instagram followers and discovered some great feeds.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was that it is NOT fall in Florida. I wanted to have real outfits that I actually wore everyday, but with temps in the 80s, there was no way I was going to rock a puffer vest, thick scarves, or boots. I decided to do flatlays instead, which I hadn't done much of prior to this challenge. I also went on vacation toward the end of October, and since I didn't want to have to pack all these special items to take prompt pictures, I took about a week's worth of pictures beforehand.

I would happily do another Wear What Where challenge, but I think need a break first. Whew, props of all the girls who do this every month all year long! Want to play along in November? Here's a link to the calendar, and remember you do not have to be a blogger to participate, just have an Instagram account!


  1. Yes, it's hard to dress for Fall when the temperatures won't cooperate here in Louisiana, too! Even with style challenges. I'm going to try my best to do the one for November!

    1. You should! I had so much fun doing it! I'm not doing it this month, but I may do December or possibly January...we'll see. Definitely want to do it again though!

  2. Are you doing this again in December maybe? Looks like a challenge and a lot of fun!

    1. Maybe...I know December can be hectic with the holidays, but it should be a fun month! If not December, then definitely January!