Monday, November 30, 2015

November Budget

$320.23 November Budget
(Starting budget $150 - $5.71 over in October + $175.94 blogging income)
-$307.63 in purchases
$11.60 remaining

This was definitely one of those months where I didn't think I had bought all that much until I went back to add it all up for this post. Well, that and Loft is my Achilles' heel. They have such cute stuff out right now and with the good sales, temptation got the best for me. I can't even say I feel (too) guilty about it.

Loft Striped Boyfriend Cardigan (see a sneak peek of it here)
I saw this sweater online and decided to try it on in store and fell in love with it. My obsession with stripes continues. It's thicker and definitely more of a fall/winter sweater. For reference I got it in a L.

Loft Printblock Shirt Dress (see how I wore it here)
I've been wanting to add a few easy dresses to my wardrobe and love that this dress looks cute belted or lose. For reference, I got this in a L, which was the largest size they had in store. Normally, I wear an XL, but this dress runs a little big, so sizing down wasn't a problem. The only issue was a little bit of gaping in the front buttons, but a small safety pin fixed it nicely.

Loft Polka Dot Sweater  
The weekend sales got me. I just can't resist polka dot anything, and I love the garnet color of this sweater with the gray polka dots. Seriously cute! I got it in an XL and found it runs a little smaller than usual for Loft, though the sales associate told me that it would stretch out a bit. We'll see. Right now it's perfectly fitted and sits right at the hip.

Target Jacquard Poncho
Ever since seeing this pin, I've been obsessed with finding a poncho to wear with my black maxi dress. I decided to give this one a try while it was 40% off last weekend. I love the color and pattern, but I worry that it might look a bit silly on me, like I'm wearing a tablecloth or something. I'm on the fence about keeping it, only because I'm worried it won't get much wear. There's also a plus version of this poncho if you're interested. For reference, I got this in a L/XL.

I got this cardigan to wear over my dress for a friend's wedding since her big day was unseasonably cool. It worked perfectly, but I'm sad we didn't get any decent photos to show you. I've also worn it with a tee and jeans, but the photos haven't yet made it on the blog. For reference, I got it in an XXL.

I love everything about this clutch -- the color, the size, the fact that it's real leather -- everything except the heavy chain that isn't detachable. Since I'm unlikely to wear it with the chain, I'm thinking about breaking the bottom links and removing. Or I may send it back and hope that something better comes along, though it is really very lovely. Decisions, decisions.

J. Crew Factory Wedges (see how I wore them here)
This was another wedding purchase since the ceremony was outdoors and pointy heels would have sunk in the grass. My dress needed heels or it would have looked frumpy, so I decided to try these wedges. You can read my full review on them here, I found they run true-to-size and are quite comfy!

Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace (see how I wore it here and here)
I got this necklace as part of my Rocksbox and loved it so much I kept it. I've already worn it almost non-stop since getting it, the pearl just seems to go with everything.

Loft Striped Tassel Scarf (see a sneak peek of it here)
I saw this scarf out of the corner of my eye on the sale rack when I went to try on the gray stripe cardigan and loved it. Yellow, stripes, tassels, how could you go wrong?

What Didn't Work:

Um, who desperately needs a room makeover and to use some Windex on their mirror and dust their bookshelves? This girl.  

J. Crew Factory Floral Lace Dress
Sadly, this pretty lace dress from J. Crew Factory just isn't working for me. (Forgive the terrible photos for reference). I originally ordered it as a possibility to wear to my friend's wedding and put it to a vote for to you to decide. This was the dress chosen, but at the time of the wedding, the fit was all wrong. I ordered a 16 (the largest size in stock) and dress was at least a size too tight and about three inches too short. Not a good look. However, when I took pictures last night before boxing it up to be returned, it surprisingly fit a whole lot better (hooray for some weight loss) but it's still too short for comfort. It's not showing up in the photo, but it hits about two inches above the knee, and my personal preference is knee length. I'm not going to lie, I'm torn about keeping it because I LOVE the color, the cut, the's such a pretty dress! If I lost a few more pounds it would look great. But I hate to hang on to something in the hopes that it'll fit one day and it still my be too short. What do you guys think? Spend it packing or hope it works out later?

Well, that's it for this month. I have a feeling December is going to be another spendy month. I caved and ordered the Vince Camuto Franell booties in mushroom and they're due to arrive Tuesday! Excited! (Though even on sale, they are pretty much a budget buster.) I'm also pretty sure I want to keep the Loren Hope cuff from my latest Rocksbox and I have an order from J. Crew Factory coming my way. However, I don't anticipate buying much else since I want to switch gears and concentrate on Christmas present shopping.

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  1. Lots of great purchases this month! I love that KS necklace you got--you're so right that the pearlescent finish would go with so many outfits.

    1. I've really enjoyed wearing it. It's probably my favorite thing I purchased this month since I've been a bit wishy-washy on a few of the other purchases. :)

  2. Is it bad that I've browsed the LOFT site so often, I saw their models in your thumbnail image and thought, "Ooh, what did she get from LOFT?" Great haul this month!

    1. Not at all. I'm pretty much a walking Loft billboard. :) My addiction to Loft it real and everlasting.

  3. I do wish J Crew/J Crew Factorys sizes ran a little larger. Sometimes they stop at a size 12 and it's annoying. I have the factory wedges and envelope clutch you picked up though. Both are great staples

    1. I wish that had larger sizes as well. Plus the fit gets weird as the sizes go up. For example the sleeves of the XXL are ridiculous long and huge, but the rest fits great. Apparently people my size are suppose to have Popeye arms. :/


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