Monday, December 14, 2015

Make it Work Monday Poncho and a Maxi Dress

I've been obsessed with recreating this look after stumbling upon this pin while looking for ways to tie a blanket scarf (see original post here). I love how simple this outfit is: just a black maxi dress and patterned poncho. No blingy jewelry required, the poncho speaks for itself.

Being plus-sized, I worried this outfit would make me look extra wide/heavy, but thankfully the belt helps cinch everything in! I snagged this poncho 40% off at Target during the Black Friday sales. Funny story, I tried it on several times while in the store, debating back and forth about whether or not I could pull it off. Did I look too wide? Was it too not me? My poor husband was over it. The last time I tried it on was in the accessories section, and my husband patiently listened to me once again go round and round about whether or not to buy it. Finally, a complete stranger came up to me and said "You look great, just buy the darn thing." More than likely the guy took pity on my poor, bedraggled husband. I was mortified, but thanks random guy for convincing me to buy it, because I ended up loving it!

The second hurtle was, what in the heck do you wear with a maxi dress/skirt in winter? I'm all about rocking the sandals, but not when it's chilly. After looking around online, it looks like most people wear flats or booties, and I thought booties went better with the laid-back vibe of this outfit. Thank goodness my new Vince Camuto boots arrived just in time!

Poncho with a maxi dress pinspiration one  //  two  //  three

Poncho: Target (exact, exact plus)
Maxi Dress: J. Crew Factory (very similar)
Boots: Vince Camuto (exact)
Clutch: J. Crew Factory (exact)
Necklace: Amazon (exact)
Watch: Target (exact)
Bracelet: Sage K. and Co (exact, designer original)

I have decided to take a break from hosting a Make it Work Monday linkup. I love trying new things, but when something isn't working, I'm completely fine with putting it aside. So, I still plan on doing Make it Work Monday, but more for my own (and hopefully your) enjoyment. I do encourage you to instead join Anne from In Residence on Thursday for her Pin to Present linkup!


  1. I LOVE this! I was going to say I hope you went with booties and the maxi. That's my favorite shoe to go with a maxi in "winter," since I don't really get winter weather. I'm glad the rando in Target helped you make the decision. The colors in the poncho compliment well. Now I want to recreate this. (rushes off to find poncho.)

    1. I agree, booties all the way with "winter" maxis. I feel you on not getting winter weather. It's in the 70s today!

  2. Cute! I love the booties with the maxi. And love seeing this sort of winterized version of something I could never dream of wearing in official winter over here ;-)

    1. Yeah, and here I had to wait for a "cold" day to wear it. :) But you're right, in my hometown I would have frozen my tail off wearing this in winter!