Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thoughts and Whatnots 3.27.16

Aqua obsessed:  one  |  two  |  three

Blog Love:
  • Oh my gosh, I love everything about Kendi's look: the stunning read lace dress paired with the most perfect cognac wedges and a field on tulips! My favorite flower, I wish we had a tulips fields were I live. Serious photo shoot envy.
  • We have plans to go to Michigan this summer for my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and I'm super nervous about having my 2-year-old on a plane...I'm so glad Anne shared her top 10 toddler travel gear, I know I'll be using it!
  • Love Merrick's chambray dress and comfy and chic!

On Teal and Polka Dots:
  • On the blog: I may have had Little Bit almost two years ago, but I'll still rock a maternity dress. Is that bad, or just awesome food-baby camouflage?
  • On Instagram: Holding up the wall (aka cheesy outfit posing).
  • On Pinterest: I want to make this gorgeous maxi dress so badly, I even went so far as to order the prettiest fabric. Now to actually make the nervous...

Favorite Sales:

  • What I'm listening to: Pete Yorn's new album Arranging Time on repeat and anxiously awaiting Fitz and the Tratrums new self-titled album to release on June 10. Love their new single Handclap, so peppy and fun!
  • What I'm crushing on: This pink-on-pink outfit with deep rose pants and blush pumps. A little Loft shopping could make it happen with their Marisa skinny pants and soft-blush suede-like pumps. Those shoes may just have to be mine. Love, love, love!
  • What I'm watching: My husband made me watch Pee-wee's Big Holiday on Netflix. It was my first Pee-wee experience, and I have to say, confused sums up how I feel about it. So random. So odd. Though anything with Joe Manganiello can't be all bad.
  • What I'm looking forward to: Easter! I hope everyone has a lovely day today with family and friends. We're going to church this morning among the rain showers and puddles (I got Little Bit the cutest navy rain boots to match my Hunters - we're wearing them with our dresses :)), then having a pizza party with grandma!
  • Coming up on the blog: It's already a million degrees in Florida and tomorrow I'm sharing my outfit game-plan for how I plan to survive the spring summer.


  1. Ooh I would be so impressed if you made that maxi dress! I have a sewing machine, but I'm scared of it... love the fabric choice.

    And I forgot to ask - where in Michigan?! Hopefully you get to enjoy my favorite lake (Lake Michigan) - I might be biased to my town, but it really is a great place to visit in the summer :)

    1. Yeah, we'll see. I want to make it, but I'm super intimidated by my sewing machine. My make my husband get it all threaded up every time I use it, because I've forgotten how to get it setup. Opps. But I do want to start sewing more and this dress seems somewhat less complicated, so we'll see. It might be a pinstrosity, which might be fun to blog about as well. :)

      We're going to Kalamazoo, MI the first weekend of June! I love Michigan in summer, so in addition to looking forward to seeing my grandparents and extended family, I'm excited about your lovely summer weather.