Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thoughts and Whatnots 4.24.16

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  • What I'm reading: I downloaded the YA novel Cinder by Melissa Meyer on a whim and it was an interesting, futuristic twist on the Cinderella story. Full of teenage angst of course, but still pretty entertaining if you're looking for some escapism. There's several books in the series, incorporating the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Rapunzel.
  • What I'm watching: I watched the Family Stone for the first time this weekend. I know it's a Christmas movie, but for whatever reason, it sounded good, and it was. :)
  • What I'm crushing on: I've become fascinated with Stella and Dot after seeing Brianna unveil some of her new goodies on Snapchat. I love how the items all work together, like this black and white striped clutch that becomes part of a tote and has an optional link chain strap that can also be worn as a necklace. So cool! Also loving their cute black and thin cream stripe makeup pouf (which would go perfect with my Lulu's weekender - just saying :)).
  • What I'm looking forward to: Not having a sick toddler. While on the mend, poor kiddo came home from daycare Wednesday with pink eye followed by a stomach virus that lasted from Wednesday until Saturday, with the crowning moment being when she woke up covered in head-to-toe diarrhea Friday morning. That's when it gets real, ya'll. Can't say washing poo off the walls (or out of hair) was ever on my bucket list, but at least she's cute. I think we'll still keep her. :)


  1. Oh, your poor sweetie! And poor you - hope she's feeling better soon. Loved the cocktail chat as such a fun way to get to know people, and I'm in the same boat on the Stella & Dot stuff right now thanks to Bri... new to me, but ooooh so many temptations!

    1. She's feeling much better. She finally started eating and getting back to her normal self by Sunday afternoon. Bri's making me want to spend all the monies, but I just snagged a Kate Spade bag so i'm going to have chill on the bag buying for awhile. :)