Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Currently I am...

celebrating: Mother's Day. I'm fortunate enough to have three wonderful mothers in my life: my mom, my stepmom and my mother-in-law. We have plans to take my mother-in-law and my mom out for dinner on Saturday an my stepmom is in town right now, so it's nice to get to celebrate with her as well!

readingFirst Frost. Well, re-reading actually. I grabbed it off my bookshelf last night while looking for something to read. It's the sequel to Garden Spells, which I've probably read at least a half-dozen times. Sarah Addison Allen is by far one of my favorite authors.

pondering: the direction of the blog and a mini-redesign. Nothing too crazy, just time for a mini face-lift. :)

sipping: a s'mores frappuccino,which is of my favorite flavors (aside for pumpkin spice). I'm always excited when Starbucks brings it back in the spring. I get it with skim milk, so that makes it healthy, right?

going: to Kalamazoo. While our trip is still a month away, I've started the process of figuring out what to pack for the kiddo - stroller, car seat, toys, activities, snacks...who knew one tiny kid needed so much stuff!? Thank goodness Southwest allows for two checked bags as well as one carry-on and one personal item. Seriously, thank you Southwest. I have a feeling we're going to need it.

I'm sharing with Anne and Jenna for Currently. Each month features a series of prompts that can be interpreted any way you wish. Love seeing everyone's posts!


  1. Little blog facelifts are always fun - can't wait to see what you come up with. And I feel you on the toddler packing - it really does take a month to figure it all out and gather everything. We flew Southwest for the first time on our last trip though and it was SUCH a help to be able to check all that stuff. Other airlines let you do carseats for free too, but being able to check regular suitcases for free as well is a major plus, to not have to wrestle those through the whole security/airport process on top of wrangling a toddler.

    1. A month to plan, but I know I'll still be scrambling around last minute. I'm the worst about that, I always forget something! Good thing there's a Target pretty much everywhere ready and waiting for me to grab all the things I managed to forget! :)