Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pin to Present: Curious George Cutout Cookies

Little Bit's Curious George-themed 2nd birthday party was last weekend and I went all out decorating in an explosion of pink, yellow and Georges. I knew wanted to make cutout cookies for the party, but all the cookie cutters I looked at online didn't really look like him, were expensive or wouldn't arrive in time. Thankfully I found this awesome tutorial on how to decorate Curious George cookies with a paper template from from Naomi at Tea Party Cakes!

pin the present_curious george 1

While obviously not a professional cookie decorator, I'm still really pleased with how these cookies turned out! I think they look at least a little bit like Curious George and when Little Bit saw them, she immediately started pointing at saying "George!"

To make the cookie dough, I used this butter cookie cutouts recipe from Betty Crocker. I love it because it's not too sweet and is reminiscent of my grandma's Christmas cookies. For the frosting I picked up a Wilton royal icing kit so I didn't have to mess with buying meringue powder. I also bought a tube of decorating icing in black and chocolate so I wouldn't have to buy as much food coloring. Though I did end up getting Wilton icing colors in golden yellow for the bananas, pink for the balloons and ivory for George's face. (If you're wondering, the banana cookie cutter and balloon cookie cutter are from Amazon.)

pin the present_curious george 2 pin the present_curious george 3 pin the present_curious george 4 pin the present_curious george 5

Lessons I learned along the way: it's easy to over cook the outer edges of the hand-cut cookies and if you make the royal icing too thin, the black outlines will bleed. But that was operator error. I think Naomi's instructions were super easy to follow and now that I know the process, it would be so easy to make a paper cookie cutter templates for just about anything my heart desires.

pin the present_curious george 6 pin the present_curious george 7

If you enjoyed this post, all the party details, as well as my outfit for the blogging tour Wear to Where, will be published this Saturday!

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  1. What!!! Those are amazing! I am so impressed with how your Georges came out but have to admit I'm particularly enamored of the bananas. Too cute.

    I love making cutout cookies for different themes (but am not nearly as skilled on the icing!) so I'm excited to check out this paper templates business. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The bananas were actually my favorite too and soooo much easier to decorate! I'm terrible at icing/decorating - you should see the other attempts, so not photo worthy. I don't have a steady hand, so it's really hard to get crisp lines. But the paper template part was easy at least. :)

  2. These turned out so cute, I am so impressed!! I haven't yet been brave enough to make cute cutout cookies like this for my son's birthday parties, but maybe this will be the year I try. I love how these look!!
    Shea |

    1. Thanks Shea! My first foray into cookie decorating was with Superman cookies for my husband's 40th last year. They weren't a complete disaster, so I decided to up my game with Georges. :) My problem is it's fun to decorate one or two, but then I'm over it.