Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Plain White Tee

While I appreciate looking nice and love a dress as much as the next girl, I'm all about comfort when it comes to dressing. For me, it's about finding ways to look both (somewhat) stylish and comfy. Easy tee, soft sweater, pencil pants and sandals = perfect summer work uniform. A close second would probably be midi skirts and a tee, basically the same outfit as above, just with a different bottom. :)

This is such a simple outfit - I almost feel guilty about the lack of effort I put into it - but I actually really, really like it. You can't tell very well in these photos, but this cardigan has a subtle stripe - which I love - and there's something magic about this plain, white tee, I swear it makes me look thinner in photos when it's really just an optical illusion. I'm wearing it in this post and same deal - skinny Erin. I'll take it!

Cardigan: J. Crew (exact - on sale!)  
Tee: Target (exactnon-plus 
Pants: The Limited (exact)  
Sandals: Loft (similar)  
Necklace: Old Navy (similar)  
 Watch: Target (savesplurge)  
Bracelet: Moorea Seal (similar)  
Ring: Pandora  (exact
Earrings: Reeds (exact, inexpensive alternative
Glasses: Warby Parker (exact)

You might notice I'm wearing some new specs; my Warby Parker glasses came in! I ended up going with ya'll's most popular suggestion - the Finch, but in the grenadine color (which a the moment isn't available). They're much bigger than what I'm used to, but I'm going with the bigger the glasses, the smarter looking the girl...or something like that anyway. :) I have plans to write a follow up post to my home try-on in the very near future. 

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  1. Cute! I especially love the necklace!


    1. Thanks Nina! It's super old, but always fun to wear. :)