Friday, June 3, 2016

Project 366: May

I know I say it every month, but time is flying by without a moment to catch my breath! May was  a whirlwind of birthday parties, celebrations, work events and trips, and side projects.

In an effort to capture more of the everyday moments, I'm using my iPhone to take a picture each day for a year. Here a few of my favorite snaps from May:

May 8: Pretty Mother's Day blooms.

May 18: Can't get her to wear a hat, but swim suit bottoms make a fetching headpiece.

May 12: We got this play kitchen for free! Can you believe no one wanted it and our daycare was begging people take it away? Well, I happily snatched it up and can't wait to give it an overhaul in the near future.

May 21: All the toys to choose from, and what does she want? A bucket and price tag.

May 25: Saw part of a stained glass window being assembled at the Master Craftsman Studio in Tallahassee.

May 27: My first ever pair of prescription sunglasses arrived - love them - they're worth every penny!

...and a gif of all 31 days!

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