Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring Vacation Packing List

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons for traveling! The weather is lovely, there's gorgeous seasonal color and you can get away with packing light layers.

My husband, daughter and I are flying to Michigan to celebrate my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary and I'm really looking forward to seeing my family! Here's what I plan to pack for me, husband and kiddo for a four-day trip (though it may fluctuate a bit depending on the weather):

First up, my packing list:

Tops: J. Crew cardigan (exact)  |  Banana Republic lace-trim shirt (exact)  |  J. Crew Factory embroidered top (exact)  |  J. Crew metallic tee (exact)  |  J. Crew polka dot tee (similar)  Bottoms: Loft shorts (similar)  |  J. Crew skirt (exact)  |  AEO jeans (similar)  |  AEO white jeans (current version)  Shoes: Sperry stripe sneakers (exact)  |  AEO metallic sandals (exact)
Accessories: J. Crew packable straw hat (exact)  |  Stella & Dot pendant (exact)  |  Target watch (exact)  |  Stella & Dot bracelet (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar)  |  Stella & Dot tote (exact - temporarily sold out)  |  Stella & Dot clutch (exact)

The trip is for four days, with six outfits needed for various activities. Since we're flying, my goal is to get everything to fit in this weekender by packing as light as possible with enough outfit options including a backup in case something gets spoiled (highly possible with a toddler).

I think everything goes together well and can be mixed or matched depending on the weather or how I'm feeling that day. The first day of the trip will be spent in the airport, so I want to be as comfortable as possible. The second day we'll be at my aunt and uncle's house on the lake, so shorts and a big hat - which is packable! -  are a must. That evening we're having a family dinner, so I'm sure I'll want something fresh after being outside all day. I plan on wearing this pretty skirt and shimmery tee for my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary celebration and that evening I am getting together with one of my blogging friends. Then it's back through the airport in my comfiest sneakers and stretchiest jeans.

My toddler daughter's packing list is a bit different. Forget mixing and matching, forget duplicating items, because chances are anything she wears will be dirty by the end of the day (if not beforehand):

Tops: Old Navy stripe tee (similar)  |  Carter's polka dot chambray (exact)  |   GAP floral tee (similar)  |  GAP cream tee (exact)  |  GAP pink top (similar)  |  Sailor Jane floral top (exact)  |  J. Crew Factory cardigan (exactDresses: Old Navy stripe dress (exact in coral)  |  J. Crew embroidered dress (exact) Bottoms: Target jeans (similar)  |  Old Navy jeggings (exact)  |  Old Navy sparkle leggings (exact)  | Old Navy floral leggings (similar)  |  J. Crew striped shorts (exact)  |  Target bermuda shorts (exactShoes:  GAP silver sandals (exact)  |  GAP chambray slip-ons (exact)

I really like how springy and fun all her clothes look together. Seriously, how cute our those striped shorts? And I wish they made a grown-up version of the white embroidered dress. Though, my favorite item might just be the cute floral top I got as the winner of Anne's Sailor Janes giveaway!

I wanted to keep her looks simple (but cute) with a couple of extra outfits in case of a spill or total outfit destruction. She's got to be able to run around and play comfortably, but still look nice.

As for my husband, here's an idea of what he'll pack. I don't pack for him (mainly because he won't let me :)), and I suspect he'll mostly throw T-shirts, a pair of shorts and flip-flops into his bag. But, I did pick up this nice plaid button down for the anniversary party, this baseball tee, and a new pair of cargo shorts since all of his were ripped or stained from working on cars and projects around the house. Oh, and I told him a nice pair of pants were a must as well. :)

Tops: Old Navy fleece jacket (exact)  |  GAP polo (exact)  |  Old Navy baseball tee (exact)  |  Antique Electronic Supply guitar tee (exact)  |  GAP gray tee (similar)  |  Old Navy plaid shirt (exact) Bottoms: Old Navy cargo shorts (exact)  |  Old Navy jeans (similar)  |  GAP khakis (similar)  |  Shoes: Sketchers sneakers (exact)  |  Rainbow flip flops (exact)  |  Target chukka boots (exact) Accessories: GAP belt (similar)  |  Fossil wallet (exact)  |  Nike hat (exact)  |  Fossil watch (exact)  |    J. Crew Factory bag (similar)

Guys have it easy, don't they? A few tees, a pair of jeans, maybe a pair of shorts, and a hat - so they don't have to comb their hair - and they're good to go. And most of the time he looks better than me with just minimal effort. Sickening. :)

For funsies, here's a look a the outfits for each day:

For her: J. Crew cardigan (exact)  | J. Crew polka dot tee (similar)  |  AEO jeans (similar)  |  Stella & Dot tote (exact - temporarily sold out)  |  Sperry stripe sneakers (exact)  |  Target watch (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar)
For him: Old Navy fleece jacket (exact)  |  GAP gray tee (similar)  |  Old Navy jeans (similar)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Sketchers sneakers (exact)  |  J. Crew Factory bag (similar)
For toddler girl: Old Navy stripe tee (similar)  |  Target jeans (similar)  |  GAP chambray slip-ons (exact)

Comfy clothes and light layers for the airport with a jacket or cardigan in case it gets chilly on the plane. 

For herBanana Republic lace-trim shirt (exact)  |  Loft shorts (similar)  |  Sperry stripe sneakers (exact)  |  J. Crew packable straw hat (exact)  |  Stella & Dot pendant (exact)  |  Target watch (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar
For himOld Navy baseball tee (exact)  |  Old Navy cargo shorts (exact)  |  Rainbow flip flops (exact)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Fossil wallet (exact)  |  Nike hat (exact)  |  Fossil watch (exact)
For toddler girl: GAP cream tee (exact)  |   J. Crew striped shorts (exact)  |  GAP chambray slip-ons (exact)

Since we'll be out on the lake for most of the day, I stuck with clothes that will keep us cool and hats to provide shade. I would have included a hat for the kiddo, but it's a lost cause, she refuses to keep anything on her head. But there will be lots of sunscreen on her for sure.

For her: . Crew Factory embroidered top (exact)  |  AEO jeans (similar)  |  AEO metallic sandals (exact)  |  Target watch (exact)  |  Stella & Dot bracelet (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar)  |  Stella & Dot clutch (exact)
For him:  GAP polo (exact)  |  GAP khakis (similar)  |  Target chukka boots (exact)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Fossil wallet (exact)  |  Fossil watch
For toddler girl: Old Navy stripe dress (exact in coral)  |  GAP silver sandals (exact)

After a day on the lake, we'll probably go somewhere for dinner and will want to be a bit more dressed up but still comfortable.

For her:  J. Crew metallic tee (exact)  |  J. Crew skirt (exact)  |   AEO metallic sandals (exact)   |  Stella & Dot pendant (exact)  |  Target watch (exact)  |  Stella & Dot bracelet (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar)  |  Stella & Dot clutch (exact)
For him: Old Navy plaid shirt (exact)  |  GAP khakis (similar)  |   Target chukka boots (exact)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Fossil wallet (exact)  |  Fossil watch (exact
For toddler girl: J. Crew embroidered dress (exact)  |    J. Crew Factory cardigan (exact)  |  GAP silver sandals (exact)

We'll be going to church in the morning then my dad and aunt are hosting an open house at my grandparents' retirement center to celebrate their anniversary. You've got to look nice when you're praising Jesus and being presented to all the family and friends. :)

For her: J. Crew cardigan (exact)  |  J. Crew polka dot tee (similar)   |  AEO white jeans (current version)  |   AEO metallic sandals (exact)  |   Target watch (exact)  |   Baublarbar earrings (similar)
For him: Old Navy baseball tee (exact)  |  Old Navy jeans (similar)  |  Sketchers sneakers (exact)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Fossil wallet (exact)  |  Fossil watch (exact
For toddler her: Sailor Jane floral top (exact)  |  Old Navy sparkle leggings (exact)  |  GAP silver sandals (exact)

After the anniversary party I'm meeting up with one of my blogging friends - so excited! - for drinks. Daddy and kiddo get to fend for themselves, and will more than likely hang out with the grandparents. Their retirement community has rooms you can rent for family, so we're staying right on site!

For her: J. Crew metallic tee (exact)  |  AEO jeans (similar)  |   Sperry stripe sneakers (exact)  |  arget watch (exact)  |  Baublarbar earrings (similar)  |  Stella & Dot tote (exact - temporarily sold out)
For him: Old Navy fleece jacket (exact)  |  Antique Electronic Supply guitar tee (exact)   |  Old Navy cargo shorts (exact)  |  GAP belt (similar)  |  Sketchers sneakers (exact)  |  J. Crew Factory bag (similar)
For toddler girl: GAP floral tee (similar)  |  Old Navy jeggings (exact)  |  GAP chambray slip-ons (exact)

Our flight isn't leaving until the evening, so hopefully we'll be able to squeeze some final visits, then it's time for flight round 2 and back home. 

Well, that should be everything! I probably still over-packed, but these lists at least help from going too crazy. :)


  1. Good call on the midi skirt, love the color and pleating. Can't wait to see it on.

    1. The red/orange color is super pretty in real-life, I can't wait to wear it!

  2. Love that polka dot tee!

    1. Thanks! Can't say I've met a polka dot I didn't like. :)

  3. Oh I hope you need the short sleeves in Michigan because that means it'll be good weather ;-) LOVE your outfit selections and am definitely bookmarking this for future travel. Also love how you and the little peanut can coordinate with the white with blue embroidery - such lovely pieces!

    1. So far it's looking good weather-wise. I'm so looking forward to some cooler temps, it's straight-on summer here! I LOVE that toddler dress, I saw it and it matched so well, I had to pick it up for her. It didn't hurt that it was on sale either. :)

  4. Love this! Welcome to Michigan :). I hope we have good weather for you!

    1. I hope so too. I can guarantee it'll be cooler/nicer than in Florida!