Sunday, June 26, 2016

thoughts and whatnots 6.27.16

my blue suede shoes:  one  |  two  |  three

blog love:

teal and polka dots:
  • On the blog: Teal and Polka Dot's is sporting a new, updated look! Also, love how these mason jar gift card holders turned out.
  • On Instagram: I accidentally gave my phone a saltwater bath last Sunday, so no Instagram photos this week. Majorly missing my phone, I feel so disconnected...
  • A look ahead: June's budget goes up this week and I'm super excited to co-host Anne's Pin to Present linkup this Thursday.!

favorite sales:

  • what I'm reading: I just finished up Gone with a Handsomer Man by Michael Lee West, but I can't say I was all that impressed with it. Cute concept, I love a good women's lit book, but kinda predictable and a smidgen silly. Not terrible by any means, but not my favorite either. Suggestions on what to read next? 
  • what I'm watching: We started re-watching the Indiana Jones series last weekend and are currently on the second  move - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - not my favorite, but you've got to watch them in order, right? 
  • what I'm crushing on: I recently rediscovered this kimono tutorial on Pinterest and now I'm obsessed with finding the perfect fabric to try making one for myself. I'm leaning toward this teal, mustard, black and red peacock-inspired fabric, but I also found a heaver-weight, bold black and white print fabric at Hobby Lobby (unfortunately I couldn't find it online). Make both and have one for now and one for the fall? :)
  • what I'm looking forward to: my family, including my sister, brother-in-law and crew of nieces and nephews, came in town for the week yesterday! I always love getting to spend time with my family. 


  1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! You're the sweetest and I might need those blue heels!!!!! SO cute!!!! :)

    1. I'm not a big heel-wearing anymore these days, but I'll always make an exception for these blue pumps! They're worth it! :)

    2. Me too!! And - Aaaaaagreed! :)