Friday, July 1, 2016

project 366: June

And just like that, another month is gone in a whirl of out of town trips, Father's Day adventures and family visits - with the high seeing my grandparents for their 65th wedding anniversary and the low accidentally destroying my phone in a saltwater bath.

In an effort to capture more of the everyday moments, I'm using my iPhone to take a picture each day for a year. Here a few of my favorite snaps from June:

June 3: Kalamazoo, here we come! 

June 4: Two little sweet peas in a pod. #cousins

June 19: Father's Day beach adventure (and the death of my iPhone).

June 27: Dots on dots and bonus points for matching my nails to my blog (ridiculously proud of that one). 

June 28: Date night (and my first taste of Cheerwine)!

...and a gif of all 30 days!

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