Monday, August 1, 2016

july budget

july budget
  1. J. Crew Factory seersucker blazer:$148, on sale for $79.99 + 50% off = $39.99
  2. J. Crew Factory dot drapey tee dress: $98, on sale for $49.50 + 50% off = $24.75
  3. J. Crew Factory striped ponte dress: $49.50 + 50% off = $24.75
  4. J. Crew Factory coral pencil skirt: $69.99, on sale for $39.99 + 50% off = $19.99
  5. Journey Five chambray dress via Groopdealz: $59.99, on sale for $24
  6. Loft kimono cardigan: $49.50 +50% off = $24.75
  7. Target slide sandals: $22.99 + 30% off = $16
  8. Stella and Dot chevron ring: $29 + dot dollars reward = $19
  9. Stella and Dot deja vu earrings: $39 + dot dollars reward = $24
July Budget: $217.23
third quarter budget: $600- $217.334 for July =
$382.77 remaining

I'm really pleased with this month's purchases. All the great sales got to me a little bit, so going forward, I really want to work toward spending less each month and concentrate on holes in my holes in my closet. Well, that and finding new ways to wear the clothes I already have!

1. J. Crew Factory seersucker blazer (see how I wore it here and here)
I love the fun, summery vibe of this blazer! The reviews said this blazer runs a little large, so I sized down to a 14 and it fits just right. 

2. J. Crew Factory dot drapey tee dress (see how I wore it here)
With polka dots in my blog title, it's obvious I'm a sucker for anything dotted! When this dress went on clearance with an additional 50% off, I knew it had to be mine. I got it in a 16 and think it runs true to size. For me it's a little short (but I prefer my skirts/dress knee length) so I plan to let out the hem in the near future. Then it'll be perfect!

3. J. Crew striped ponte dress (see a sneak peak of it here)
Can I tell you how much I love this dress? The length is perfect, it's nice and stretchy and it has pockets. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect dress would be short-sleeves, which I plan to add. I got this dress in an XL and it runs a touch big in the chest, the arm holes are a little too big, but it's nothing sleeves or a cardigan can't fix. :)

4. J. Crew Factory coral pencil skirt (see a sneak peak of it here)
I loved the aqua version of this skirt so much, when the coral version went on major sale I had to snag it as well. I love the bright, cheerful color and so far it's been a fun addition to my closet. I think this skirt runs a little large, and sized down to a 14.

5. Journey Five chambray dress (see how I wore it here)
I absolute love this dress and it might just be my favorite buy for July. The fit is perfect, it's knee-length and I love the sleeves and pockets. I got in a XXL (got to love boutique sizing). It's currently on sale for $29, so if you're thinking about it, I'd jump on it while it's on sale for such a good price!

6. Loft kimono cardigan (see how I wore it here)
This is a great summer cardigan, light and breezy - perfect for chilly air conditioning. It runs really large, mine is a medium and I probably could have gone down to a small since it stretched a bit (especially in the arms) with wear.

7. Target slide sandals (see a sneak peak of them here)
I've been on the hunt for a pair of black sandals for awhile now and fell in love with crisscross straps along the toes of this pair (and 30% off didn't hurt either). These are my usual size 9 and I found the straps to be just a touch narrow on the first wear, but they've since stretched and are super comfy.

8. Stella and Dot chevron ring and 9. Stella and Dot deja vu earrings
After last month's Stella and Dot purchases, I had some dot dollar rewards to spend, so I picked up this pretty ring and earrings. The ring is adjustable and a fun statement piece without being too over the top. The earrings might just be my favorite. You can wear them with the pearls or the edgy, gold studs in the front or the back, giving you multiple options.

what I got as a gift:

I've been lusting after these Joules Evedon rain boots for months, obsessively stalking them on Amazon to see if they'd go down in price. They retail for $165, and I kept telling my husband if they ever got down to $50, I was snagging them. Well, they went to $58, at which point it just me just to get them already since I'd been talking about them incessantly for months. He threw in the $8 as his "gift." These are a size 9. Unfortunately, they don't come in wide-calf, but the boot shaft does run a bit wide. My 17" calves can just squeeze into them with bare legs or thin leggings/pants, but I won't be wearing them with thick jeans anytime soon. Still not a deal breaker at such a great price - they're well-made and comfy - and I'm so in love with the cheerful yellow bows!

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  1. I love how cohesive your purchases are! You got so many steals at JCF, particularly those cute dresses!
    I've been eyeing Joules boots for years now--I'm hoping to snag a red pair someday...

    1. Agh, the sales get me every time. :)

      I love the Joules red boots - those navy bows - swoon! Seriously, stalk Amazon, the prices fluctuate and I've seen the red ones go way down in price!

  2. Such a feminine recap! I have to second Caroline's comment about how cohesive your purchases are, you definitely know your own style (kinda jealous). I'm loving the earrings you picked up!

    1. Thanks so much! My style is definitely a work in progress as I learn more about what works on my body and what doesn't, though I'll probably always lean toward preppy - can't get rid of those southern-Tennessee roots!

  3. Everything is so adorable! I love number 5 the most!

    1. It's a great dress! I'm so glad I found it and at such a great price!

  4. Really cute finds! I think the coral pencil skirt is my favorite; it's such a fun color.
    Do you shop a lot on Groopdealz? I'm always tempted by the really cute things they have, but am usually deterred from buying because I'm not sure how things will fit and some of the listings don't give measurements or any kind of fit guide.

    1. I don't shop a lot of Groopdealz, because it's definitely hit or miss. For example this dress was great, but I ordered another dress from Journey Five through Groopddealz and the zipper was broken! I think it's one of those things where most of the time you can get some great deals, but sometimes you end up with a lemon. But their customer service is pretty good if something doesn't fit or arrives damaged! As for sizing, if it's not on the website, I'll google the item and see if a different boutique as the size listed. And sometimes unfortunately it's just a guess. The size guide for dress says an XXL fits a 12-14 so I was worried it would be a touch too tight, but I think it fits more like a 14-16. So there you go...