Friday, September 2, 2016

project 366: August

August was over in a blink. Working at a university, August is always an especially busy month with the beginning of the fall semester and a slew of events. That combined with several of my largest design projects of the year meant a month of long hours and late nights. As a result, this was the first month I didn't capture an image every day, but considering how hectic the month was, 22 out of 31 days isn't too bad, right?

In an effort to capture more of the everyday moments, I'm using my iPhone to take a picture each day for a year. Here's a few of my favorites/most memorable from August:

August 6: Ever wondered what would happen if you ran over a bungee cord? Apparently this. ↑

August 11: A peek at the office's event to-do list. On the 23rd, our office of seven coordinated six events (two major) in one day. Whew, glad that day's done and in the books!

August 15: The kiddo insisted she take her tin Princess Sofia box to daycare. After wrestling it away from her, we opened it up in the parking lot to see what the big deal was. Shoes. Girl had to bring her blingy, silver shoes. Takes after her momma, obviously. :)

August 30: The month might have been busy and stressy, but this face makes it all worth it.

and a gif for all 31 22 days...

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