Friday, October 28, 2016

october budget

october budget
  1. Loft 3/4 sleeve tee in pink: $34.50 + 40% off = $20.70
  2. Loft 3/4 sleeve tee in white: $34.50 + 40% off = $20.70
  3. Loft striped fringe kimono: $69.50 + 40% off = $41.70
  4. Loft utility blouse: $49.50 + 40% off = $29.70
  5. American Eagle floral kimono: $19.95, on sale for $14.96 + 20% off = $11.97
  6. American Eagle navy cords: $54.95, on sale for $21.98
October budget: $146.75
fourth quarter budget: $600 - $146.75 in October = $453.25 remaining

I was apparently all about some pink and blues and some Loft and American Eagle this month. :) These 3/4 sleeve tees from Loft are so silky soft and a heavier weight (see how I wore the pink one here). I got both in an XL. I haven't had a chance to wear the utility blouse or poncho, but plan on wearing them while on vacation this week. The poncho is a one size fits all kinda deal and I got the utility blouse in a XL to have more of a drapey feel. I've really been into American Eagle's jeggings lately, so I picked up a navy pair of cords (size 16) the last time they were having a sale and threw in the kimono in order to qualify for the discount on the pants.  

A short and sweet budget post this month. I've been busy, so less time to shop! (My overstuffed closet probably thanks me for that one.)

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