Monday, November 28, 2016

november budget

november budget_zps0jljmuax
  1. Loft puff sleeve sweater: $49.50, on sale for $22.25
  2. Old Navy swing pintuck top: on sale for $8.97
  3. Modcloth plaid cardigan: $59.99 + 20% off = $47.99
  4. Modcloth stripe dotted top: $34.99 + 40% off = $20.99
  5. J. Crew Factory printed tuxedo top: $85, on sale for $34
  6. J. Crew ruffle dot top: $69.50, on sale for $49.90 + 30% off = $34.99
  7. J. Crew Factory pencil skirt in double-serge wool: $89.50, on sale for $35.50
  8. Bourbon and Boweties pearl bangle bracelet: $32 + 10% off = $28.50

November budget: $233.19
fourth quarter budget: $600 - $146.75 in October - $233.19 in November = $220.06 remaining

I was all about patterns and jewel tones this November. Fall/winter are my favorite seasons to dress (and buy) for, so it was hard not to buy all the pretty, shiny new things. So while I was a bit spendy, I'm happy this month's purchases. 

1. Loft puff sleeve sweater (sorta sneak peak here)
Confession, I got this to wear as part of our family Halloween costume, but with every intention of also wearing it in real life! It's an XL and I think a little snugger and shorter than some of my other Loft sweaters, but still very cute. I'm anxiously waiting for some cooler weather so I can wear it...
2. Old Navy swing pintuck top (see how I wore it here)
I threw this top into the cart while buying a few outfits for the kiddo. I thought it looked a little short on the model, so I got a L tall and am pleased with the longer fit. Super cute top for $9!

3. Modcloth plaid cardigan (post on how I wore it tomorrow!) & 4. Modcloth stripe dotted top (sneak peak here)
Modcloth's Facebook marketing got me big time with their adorable plaid belted cardigan and mixed dot/stripe top. The cardigan is an XL and fits true to size - though the sleeves are just a touch long. The top is a L, only because the XL wasn't available, but I think it fits big more like an XL.

5. J. Crew Factory printed tuxedo top
Can I tell you how much I can't wait for all the holiday parties so I can wear this top? I love the fun plaid and the tuxedo style. One thing to note: the fabric is polyester and not flannel - which is what I expected, even though the website clearly says it's made out of poly. Buuut...that means no ironing, so that works for me! For reference, it's an XL.

6. J. Crew ruffle dot top
Polka dots and ruffles? Ya'll know I'm ALL about that. This top is an XL and is made from a soft, slightly sheer fabric. Perfect for Florida's non-fall. I've worn it a several times, but blogger fail, have yet to take any pictures with it on.

7. J. Crew Factory pencil skirt in double-serge wool
I was so pleased with my J. Crew Factory green wool pencil skirt, that I decided to get the plum as well. It's also a 16 and runs true to size.

8. Bourbon and Boweties pearl bangle bracelet (see how I wore it here)
I wear my original Bourbon and Boweties pearl bangle constantly, as you may have noticed on the blog, and had originally planned to buy a second identical one, but changed my mind once I saw this cluster version. So pretty! (Spoiler, I may also have the other one coming my way. Pearl bangle arm candy goals :).

One more quarter left for the fourth quarter budget - and for the year - crazy how quickly this year has flown! Looking toward December, I have the aforementioned bracelet coming my way as well as this pair of Sam Edelman flats scored during the Black Friday sales. I've been majorly, shamelessly crushing on them since seeing them on Fran. :) I kind of anticipate it being a quiet shopping month since the focus will instead be on Christmas presents.

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  1. I LOVE that Modcloth sweater - the colors are so fun! And the J Crew popovers are personal favorites of mine too

    1. I just can't get enough of those popovers. Less buttons mean less worry about gaping. :) And the sweater's probably my favorite purchase of the month.