Wednesday, November 23, 2016

pin to present: nutcracker makeover

pin to present nutcrackers 9
image source: Bower Power Blog

When I saw these adorable Mrs. Nutcrackers by Kate I knew I needed a set of my own. So stinking cute and for only $3 from the Dollar Tree, who cared if they became a Pintrosity hot mess?!?

I pretty much followed Kate's tutorial, but modified a few things here and there. After sanding these guys down and adding craft paint, the pink and aqua were so light that the original color kept showing through, so I painted them all white as a base layer then added color. Even then it took a good three (or four) coats to get everything covered. Also, though I started out using gold craft paint, I switched to a metallic paint pen for the gold since it covered SO much better. I love the super shiny metal look it added! Kate stuck with craft paint, paint pens and repurposed the hair into a chic shirt, but I raided my my craft supply to make a little tulle skirt, necklace and wand for the ballerina, added a ribbon accent to the brim of the aqua soldier and yarn hair to the metallic nutcracker.

pin to present nutcrackers 6

Pintrosity these little ladies are not - if I do say so myself - and they're now happily living in my office at work. Mainly because the little one is obsessed with them and has made it her mission to try to pull them apart. So I rescued them by adding them to my office holiday decor. :)

pin to present nutcrackers 4 pin to present nutcrackers 1 pin to present nutcrackers 5 pin to present nutcrackers 8 pin to present nutcrackers 2

These are the actually second set of nutcrackers I bought since I, er, misplaced the first set. But last night I found the originals hiding in my kitchen, so I might have to make another trio. What should I do next? Traditional Christmas colors? Silvers and blacks? My husband says Metallica, I say no... The possibilities are endless!


  1. What a fun idea! Even better that this is a transformed Dollar Store find - super impressed, and I love the pastels for the holidays for something different.

    1. I'll confess, I put waaaay more time into them then I originally planned, but love how they turned out! I think my husband was actually more excited about them and was disappointed that I made girly ones - I think he secretly wanted to decorate one for himself. :)

  2. How cute! They came out so well, you did an amazing job :)