Friday, January 13, 2017

friday obsessions: living room refresh

Once the holidays are over and all the Christmas decor packed away, I'm all about updating the living room to give it a fresh look for winter/early spring. Below are 13 (in honor of Friday the 13th) save vs. splurge living room refresh options that I'm currently crushing on:

bold statement vase: save  /  splurge  |  global lumbar pillow: save  /  splurge  |  chalkboard globe: save  /  splurge   blush velvet pillows: save  /  splurge   |  pineapple vase: save  /  splurge  |  baroque mirror: save  /  splurge  |  dotted rug: save  /  splurge   |  storage baskets: save  /  splurge  |  teal tufted ottoman: save  /  splurge    |  herringbone throw: save  /  splurge  |  gold mirrored traysave  /  splurge  |  geometric pillows: save  /  splurge  |  stripe pillow: save  /  splurge

The black and white stripe, diamond and blush pillows from H&M were such a good deal, I decided to give them a try. They arrived earlier this week, and let me tell you for the price they do not disappoint. Granted they're the case only, which worked perfectly for me since I have a bunch of pillows already and it sooo much easier to store cases vs. pillows. I love the quick and inexpensive face lift they've given the living room! It's worth noting that both the diamond pattern and stripe pattern are printed on the pillows, but for $6 that's to be expected. 

Of all these items, on the top of my oh my gosh-just-want-it wish list is the teal ottoman from World Market - which is a steal at $180 - and the adorable PBTeen polka dot rug - worth every splurge worthy penny. I foresee a trip to World Market this weekend to check the ottoman out in real-life, I think it would fit perfectly with our L-shape sectional and aqua painted walls. As for the rug, sadly I can't justify spending so much on something that's more than likely going to be trashed by the toddler, but maybe one day it'll make it's way to me. 'Cause polka dots on a rug...with all the teal in the room...swoon....

How do you update your house after the holidays? Do you have any favorite stores for affordable home decor?


  1. Oh yes. This time of year, especially after having Christmas decorations up for 1+ month, makes me want to clear all the clutter from everywhere in the house, and also to refresh the look. Especially because we spend a lot of time indoors in the winter... I admit to having bought a couple of new pillows for the couch. Target always has such great stuff in their seasonal lines, and I can't resist West Elm.

    Your finds are SO GOOD. If only they matched my existing decor :) But they seem very "you" and seem like they would be right at home in your house! Can't believe the deal on that World Market ottoman. Also want to try H&M for pillows now...

    1. My decor is, admittedly, a bit girly. Thankfully the husband is a good sport. I ended up getting the ottoman from World Market and I LOVE it. It fits perfectly in the living room (if I do say so myself. :))