Monday, January 9, 2017

monday musings: week 2

It's already the second Monday of the year - time sure does fly! - and time for the second installment of "Monday Musings." During the next year, each Monday will feature a different Q&A. I invite you to join in, since half the fun is getting to learn more about you as well!

Q: What's one ridiculous item of clothing you own (and actually wear)?

I these silly sweater leggings

A: My husband might insist that I have several ridiculous things in my closet (and he might just be right - I'm thinking of a blush tulle maxi skirt I'll probably never wear) but my most recent ridiculous purchase is these black and white patterned sweater leggings. They aren't the most figure-flattering, and not something I'm comfortable wearing in public. Which definitely doesn't make them most practical purchase, but, what can I say, they're insanely cozy, comfortable and fun! Confession: I technically did wear in public of my office Christmas party - but we were all wearing pjs, so that's okay, right?!?

 photographic proof of publicly wearing said sweater leggings

And to make things even more ridiculous, I might have scoured the internet in search of matching toddler leggings so Aubrey and I can have all the mommy and me matching goodness. :)

sweater legging flatlays are just too much fun!

You're up next. What's one ridiculous item of clothing you own (and actually wear)?


  1. Those really are fun - and how much more of a good time do you look like you're having on work pajama day than everyone else?! :) I'm not sure what my answer is in this category... maybe my ridiculous bright + patterned Nike running shoes? (I think the crazier the shoe, the faster I run.)

    1. The party was actually at my boss's house at night, so that limited public viewing of the sweater leggings. :) I love the idea of fun, bright running shoes. Might as well have happy feet while you're exercising!