Monday, January 23, 2017

monday musings: week 4

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. For the next year, each Monday I'm sharing a different "get to know you" style Q&A. I invite you to join in, since half the fun is learning more about you as well!

Q: Do you have a favorite color, and if so, has it always remained the same or changed throughout the years?

A: I think it comes a no surprise to anyone reading this that my favorite color is anything teal/aqua/mint. Hello, my blog name is half inspired by my favorite hue! But it wasn't always. As a little girl it was PINK everything, and for most of my formative years it was blue. I don't think it really shifted to teal until about five years ago.

all the teal/mint/aqua things please

A story about a shared love of teal. This summer my family and I went to Michigan for my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary and my dad spilled the beans about my blog to my grandma. Her response was, "You named the blog after my favorite color! I adore teal." And you know, somehow I'd forgotten that. For her it meant the world that I'd honored her in that way even though it was unintentional. And though a share favorite color is such a simple thing, it makes me feel closer to her to know we have that in common.

I apologize for getting a bit sentimental. My grandmother has been very ill since October and declining rapidly. I found out this weekend that they expect her to pass in the next few days, and my heart is broken. I don't want to be downer, but I did want to share a simple story of ours in honor of her, though we have a lot more significant and better memories than just a color. :) But still. Love you grandma.

It's your turn. What is your favorite color and why? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Erin, so sorry to hear this about your grandma. What a sweet story to share about this special connection with her. I would of course immediately think teal is so "you", and how great to have the "you" be part of your grandma too.

    I liked pink in my teenage years, but now my color is most definitely coral. On the Happier podcast from Gretchen Rubin they had an episode about selecting your "signature color" and talked about how it's a boost to happiness because it's nice to have this thing that is special to you, but also because it reduces energy it takes to make choices. Like if there's a whole wall of water bottles or wallets or whatever, I don't even have to think about it. I know I'm going for the coral option!

    1. Oooo...I love coral too, but I don't wear it to much since it doesn't go all that great with my coloring, but I love that it's such a happy, cheerful color. I think all girls must go through a pink phase, it's like a rite of passage or something. :) Though it's still my mom's favorite color, so maybe we don't all grow out of it. :)