Sunday, January 29, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 1.29.17

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  • on the blog: My grandmother was put into an end of life care facility last weekend and I decided Monday night to jump on a plane to Michigan first thing Tuesday morning so I could visit with her and say my goodbyes while she was still coherent and welcomed visitors. I decided to take a break from blogging and focus on family, which is why I only posted once on Monday.
  • on instagram: I saw snow for the first time in 10+ years!
  • coming up on the blog: Sharing my January budget finds tomorrow and co-hosting Currently with Anne on Wednesday! Hope you will join us to share what you're currently packing, jonesing, texting, reading and hearting.

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  • what I'm reading: I forgot to grab a book for the trip, so I snagged "Hidden Figures" by Margot Lee Shetterly to pass the time during airport layovers.
  • what I'm watching: Team UmiZoomi on repeat.
  • what I'm looking forward to: It's been a week of ups and downs culminating in the decision to put our house on the market. We have eight-years years worth of stuff to cull through and pack up, painting and to finish our floors in the next two weeks so we can have it show ready by mid-February. I was a single lady when I bought this house, and became a wife and momma while living in it, so it's definitely a bittersweet decision to sell, but we've outgrown our home and already have our eye on the perfect new house. So we're taking a leap of faith that we can get this place sold, and that our dream home will still be available in the next few months. I may be on here a bit less as we go through this new phase, but it should be an exciting one!


  1. Oh wow, what a week! So glad to hear you could spend some time with your grandma, and I hope your family is finding comfort in that time. And so exciting about the house plans and dreams! Maybe I should come visit Florida... I love sunshine and decluttering ;-)

    1. Thanks Anne for your sweet words. You should come to Florida! We have plenty of sunshine (70 degrees and sunny today) and I'll take all the decluttering help I can get. ;)