Monday, February 13, 2017

monday musings: week 5 & 6

With all the busyness of going to Nashville and preparing our house to sell, I completely forgot about last week's Monday Musings, so I'm going to do a bit of catch up with two questions for this week. :) For those of you how are new to this space, Monday Musing is a "get to know" style Q&A. I invite you to join, in since half the fun is learning more about you as well!

Q1: Are you a coffee drinker and how do you take your coffee?

A: I used to not be much of a coffee drinker, but after having a kiddo, it's turned into the sweet life-giving nectar of the gods. I take mine with two sugars and cream and in the summer I prefer it iced. YUM.

Q2: Do you celebrate Valentine's Day and what's one of your favorite V-day traditions?

A: I can't say I'm really all that big into Valentine's Day. I'm usually either out of town, or working, but my husband and I usually exchange cards and a small gift. My husband is a huge fan of dark chocolate gelato, so this year I plan on picking up a pint as well this cute ice cream set for two. A little girly, but so cute! I don't know if it's really a tradition, but I've so enjoyed making Aubrey's Valentine's for the past two years. Last year like a crazy person I handmade all of them. This year, I used store bought for the kids and personalized the teachers gifts with this teal mailboxes from Target's dollar spot.

It's your turn! What's your perfect cup of coffee and one of your favorite Valentine's traditions? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. 1. Nope. And neither of my parents drink it either! Every time I try coffee I wonder why it just tastes like gross weird water - it seems like it should be nice and thick and creamy, like milk. Which makes me think I should try fancy coffee shop drinks to get that consistency, which makes me think nope, I absolutely do not need that in my life if I don't like it already. Ha!

    2. I celebrated it as Galentine's Day before the phrase existed. All the way through college, and even some more recent years, I always made cards or cookies or little crafts for my friends, and I love doing that. And after getting married we really don't celebrate it in a romantic way, since our anniversary is on February 4 - which means we've just gone out for a really nice dinner, minus the crowds :) I am loving it as a mom too though - so far I've made all of Hendrik's cards as well (this year he even helped assemble them), and it's just too fun.

    1. I used to not be much of a coffee drinker either, but between newborn exhaustion and a short stint as a barastia, I learned to love it - with lots of cream and sugar of course!

      I used to celebrate Galetine's Day as well, it was always such fun!

  2. 1. I love coffee! So much, in fact, that since becoming pregnant I've switched to decaf and love it just as much. It isn't even for the caffeine, apparently (and so maybe I'll stick to decaf even after baby comes?!). I drink all kinds of coffee drinks and really don't have a favorite, other than cold brew in the warm months. The rest of the time I bounce between drip coffee totally black, americano + a little bit of steamed milk, lattes with a splash of vanilla, or whatever else sounds good on any given day!

    2. I'm like Anne in that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day because our anniversary is 1/31 - so we choose that day to spend loving each other. But I do make an effort to take flowers and a card to someone special - the last couple of years (and this year) I'll be dropping flowers off with my two grandmothers, who outlived the loves of their lives! One grandma is turning 98 next month and another turns 99 in June, so I take any opportunity I can to show them how much I love them and spend a little bit of extra time with them :)

    1. When I was pregnant with Aubrey I'd allow myself one delicious caffeinated cup first thing in the morning, but man giving up all the caffeinated goodness was so hard! So sweet to give your grandmothers flowers, I'm sure they loved it!