Wednesday, March 1, 2017


watching: The Americans on Amazon. I'm not sure why it took so long to get on board with this show, but after watching the first episode, I'm hooked!

eating: birthday cake for my boss's big 5-0!

saying: "If it's meant to be, it'll work out." Which has been what my husband and my mantra with house selling/buying process. We've known for awhile (okay since Aubrey was born) that we've outgrown our house, but refused to make a move until we found a home we've fallen in love with. We've found that house, so now it's a complete game of chance as we list our own home and hope that we can sell it and put an offer in on our dream home before someone else realizes how amazing it is. It's a lot of stomach knotting stress, with a lot of prayers and faith that it's going to work out for us.

wearing: Rain boots during the few days of rainy weather we had last week.

posting: my February budget finds. So many little closet space... Also thinking about posting a house tour soon since we have the house looking super fabulous and organized right now, so I should show it off before we sell it. Right?

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  1. Oh I hope the house buying/selling timing works out! Is that your current house or the possible new one? I love the color! Also, yes to a house tour!

    And I've never even heard of The Americans... sounds intriguing though. Love finding more things to get even more of my money's worth out of that Amazon Prime subscription :)

    1. That's our current house. :) It's a little place just under 1,200 square feet though it is less than a mile from the beach (which is really nice). The place we're looking at is about a half a mile down the road and is a green two-story Victorian (built in 2001), just over 1,600 square feet with a detached garage, front porch, screened in back porch, master's suite patio and decent sized backyard with makes it feel a lot bigger! We'd still be in same school district and will have about the same commute, so it's really about perfect for us. The listing for our place went live last night and we already have two showings lined up for today, so *hopefully* it'll sells quickly!

  2. Great mantra. I hope everything works out with your house though and find the best place for you. :) I could really use some rain boots here!


    1. It's been super dry since last week, so I'm glad I got a chance to wear them for a least a couple of days. :) Our house already sold (in 48 hrs no less) so now we're just waiting for the sellers for the new home to *hopefully* accept our bid. Fingers-crossed!