Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Since I took a break from blogging last week to sell our home, buy a new one and move, I'm a wee bit behind on April Currently. But I didn't want to miss the party entirely, so, without further ado, here's my home edition of what I'm up to currently:

currently april

accomplishing: moving. Last week was insane. We finished packing up our house, sold it, bought our new home and unloaded not one, but two moving trucks. Though to be fair, the driveway in our old home was short, so we couldn't get a large truck, so that makes two trucks not so ridiculous, right? I'm beyond grateful for my parents helping up with the move. I don't think we could have done it without them!

feeling: a little overwhelmed as we settled into our new home. We love it, but it's 15+ years old and has more than a few repair jobs. Completely livable as is, but I can't wait to make our mark on the place. The most obnoxious fix: every single towel bar in the house came out of the wall when we tried to hang our towels. I think I'm kind of impressed that the renters managed to jimmy them back in the wall so we couldn't tell! Oh, well, an excuse to buy so new ones. Maybe something in a fancy bronze?

needing: to pick some paint colors. Our new house is currently a sea of beige - with every room the exact same shade of khaki - with an added bonus of matching beige carpet upstairs. I'm currently obsessed with Sherwin Williams rhinestone and palladian blue. The house also desperately needs an exterior coat of paint, and I'm leaning toward keeping it green, but a greenish teal might also be awesome.

practicing: going up and down stairs with the toddler. Our old home was a single level, so Little Bit had to go up and down the new stairs about a billion times this weekend before the novelty wore off. :) Whew, I'm tired just remembering it.

pinning: all the home decor ideas. I'm especially enamored with the idea of painting our interior doors black. What do you think? Ya or nay or dark doors?


  1. Well I'm glad you still joined in, especially because I love reading about house stuff! Congrats on the new place and the move. Love that potential exterior color - so you :)

    1. Thanks! Now to buy the paint and get to work. By which I mean, the hubby can get to work since I'm not supposed to paint at the moment. Darn. :)