Wednesday, April 19, 2017

dressing the bump: the first trimester

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With this being my second pregnancy, I've learned a bit more about what works and what doesn't for my body shape while pregnant, as well as what's comfortable. I wanted to wait until after 12-weeks to tell my co-workers as well as make things social media official, so during the first trimester I tried to camouflage the bump a bit with lots of loose shirts and dresses topped with cardigans. I started to show a lot earlier this pregnancy than I did in my first pregnancy - thanks lose tummy muscles all ready to be re-stretched - which made dressing a bit more challenging. :)

So, while every body is different, I thought it would be fun to share what worked for me during my first trimester:

loose tops/tees:

Oh man, loose fit/baby dolls tops have been such a life saver for me. Not only are they comfortable, they do an excellent job of hiding a little bit of pooch. I love these types of tops even when I'm not pregnant. My favorite is probably this lace yoke top from Target from both an affordability and style standpoint.


One of my favorite things about cardigans and kimonos are how they help elongate your figure and help hide any extra lumps and bumps - perfect for the first trimester, or when rocking a food baby - which is pretty much every non-pregnant day for me. :) Blazers operate the same way and add a nice polished look for the office. I love how they make an outfit feel more put together, plus they've been perfect for the recent over-air conditioned office days. 

flowing dresses/maxis:

Oh, man, if I could live in jersey maxi dresses I would. They're super forgiving, and dresses with an elastic waistline do a nice job of accentuating the smaller part of the waist - especially when paired with a cardi. Shift/A-line dresses give that extra bit of needed room while still looking polished. I recently picked up two oversized jersey maxi dresses while on sale at (but you can buy them full price here) and I've been practically living in them.

cute flats/sandals:

I gravitate toward flats and sandals even when I'm not pregnant, but I love them even more the further along in pregnancy. Thankfully, warm weather is the perfect excuse to wear all the fun sandals! Flats and peep toes are probably better for work, but I live on the beach in Florida, and we wear sandals to work all year long if we can get away with it. :)

a few other purchases:

As my pants became increasingly tight, I used my BeBand from Target and invested in a pair of navy maternity J. Crew pixie pants on eBay. Quite a few of the reviews say that they don't want to stay up in the earlier trimesters - which I also experienced - but I threw the BeBand on top and it worked like a charm. Comfortable, cute pants that stay up. :)

I know a lot of people shy away from buying maternity clothes, but for me it's worth it to be comfortable. For my second trimester, I just purchased the maternity pixie pants in black and bought the two oversized maxi dresses. I practically lived in GAP's Pure Body v-neck tees and just purchased a fresh white one to add to the black and navy ones I saved from last time around. I plan on doing a second trimester dressing the bump post in late July, so I'll let you know then what all went into my maternity closet! 


  1. Some good tips here - I always think it's awesome to be able to find tricks to still feel "you" within accommodating maternity style, and you've clearly got that figured out because I didn't guess any of these outfits was first-trimester style when you showed them originally, because they just seemed like you-style! Love all your layering and the white flowy tops.

    1. Ah, yes, I suppose my style does lean toward loose and comfortable. :) Works when not pregnant and when trying to hide a baby bump.