Friday, April 21, 2017

home tour: bedrooms

Today's home tour includes my daughter's and the master's bedrooms. *Spoiler alert* the kiddo's room is my favorite. Though we sold our home two weeks ago, I thought it would still be fun to continue giving a glimpse of the place we called home for the last eight years, especially since our new home won't be show ready anytime in the near future. :)


Our daughter's room was definitely a labor of love. My husband and I had so much fun putting this room together from the silver dot decals, the the hand painted curtains and the DIY artwork.

My favorite piece of the room are the picture rails, which perfectly displayed the kiddo's storybooks. I was sad to leave them behind when we moved, but I guess that just means we need to make a trip to Ikea in the near future (or order some more).

balloon mobile
I had a hard time deciding on a mobile until I stumbled across this cute tin balloon one from Amazon. I just love all the bright, fun colors.

climb every mountain Another DIY was this print I designed in InDesign and put in a frame from Ikea. I managed to find the original design in my files, if you want to download and print it!


shop the room:
wall colorGentle Rain by Behr  |  crib: Target (exact in walnut)  |  glider: Babies R Us (similar)  |  rug: Target (exact)  |  pink dotted chair: Target (cute alternative)  |  book shelves: Ikea (exact)  |  nightstand: Target (exact)  |  lamp: HomeGoods (very similar)  |  curtains: Ikea/paint DIY (exact unpainted)  |  giraffe painting: an Erin original :) (similar)  |  balloon mobile: Amazon (exact) |  aqua chevron throw: Target (exact)  |  chevron pillow: Hobby Lobby (similar)  |  stuffed Winne the Pooh: TJMaxx  (very similar) |  Aubrey bunting: gift from my sister  |  silver wall dots: Urban Walls (exact)

Now that you've seen the best of the rooms, let's move on the master bedroom.

photo by: Chrstina Shults Photography

Sadly, our bedroom was one of the those rooms that didn't see a lot of love, and always managed to be last on our to-do list. Confession: We didn't even manage to paint over the builder's grade cream walls until we decided to sell. Shameful. After we fixed the room up, we really appreciated having a soothing, relaxing space, so we've promised ourselves we will give our new master bedroom the same care and attention as the rest of the house!

As I'm looking through these photos, there's a few odds and ends that should have been tucked away from photos (stray water bottle I'm looking at you) but oh, well, it's not perfect, but trust me it's a major improvement over how it looked originally. 

bed and lamp
In an attempt to corral the mess, I packed up all my books for storage and bought these baskets as a way to hide clutter. These are from Marshalls, but here's a cute Target alternative.

jewelry armore
One of my favorite pieces in the room is this fabulously girly mirrored jewelry chest from Pier 1. A fun gold accent bowl, silver jewelry case and gold glittery candle finished off my very girly corner of the room. :)

photo by: Chrstina Shults Photography

shop the room:
wall colorGentle Rain by Behr  |  large bookcase: Target (exact)  |  narrow bookcase: Target (exact)  |   storage bench: Ikea  |  nightstands: Target (nice alternative)  |  mirrored jewelry chest: Pier1 (exact)  |  lamps: Pier 1 (similar)  |  curtains: Marshalls (similar)  |  comforter: Anthropologie (very similar)  |  gray throw: Target (exact)  |  sheets: Target (very similar)  |  wicker baskets: Marshalls (cute alternative)

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  1. Of COURSE you had to put polka dots in the nursery - so cute. And the same thing happened with our master bedroom...kind of overlooked in the last house and I never loved it, so this time around I worked a bit more on making it what I like. It feels like a teeny bit of a waste to put house budget into that instead of, say, the living room, but I'm so happy with it!

    1. Oh, man those polka dots where about the death of my husband. I had to have them perfectly spaced and it took us FOREVER to get them right. Totally worth it though. :)

  2. Those polka dots in the nursery are INCREDIBLE!!! Love how they are subtle yet add so much personality! I feel like master bedrooms are often the last place to spend time or money decorating...when we did the remodel it was the first room I bought furniture for (a rug & bed) and then since then I've bought NOTHING for the room. We have old bedside tables in there, haphazard shelves piled with junk, and a real need for some focus!

    1. Yeah, our master bedroom is super hodgepodge in our new house. Should I admit that we've just used clothespins to "hang" some old curtains until I figure out what I really want in the space? Add a bunch of unpacked boxes, and it's just hot mess.