Tuesday, April 25, 2017

master bedroom inspiration

As I mentioned in Friday's home tour post, the master bedroom has been our low priority room of the house. Now that we've moved into our new home, I definitely want to give this room more love and attention so it can become a space we will truly enjoy.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, below are two pictures I managed to get of the space before we loaded the room full of furniture. As you can see, with the exception of the ceiling, it's beige, upon beige - which might just be my least favorite color. My favorite part of the room are the the french doors that lead to a screened-in balcony.


The major challenges are to eliminate the beige, replace the carpet (which are old and stink thanks to the previous tenants who smoked off the balcony and quite possibly in the room as well - yuck) and as much as I love the windows, I have a sensitively to light, so pretty curtains that don't distract too much from the architecture of the doors and windows.

The ceiling is probably the most unusual part of the room with the medium wood paneling. I'm torn on the ceiling. It looks really cool, but we really want to replace the carpet with a darker hardwood, and I'm afraid the floors and ceiling will clash. Plus there's a bit of a rustic wood cabin look going on and we live in a Victorian-style home so it almost seems like a design mismatch. I'm intrigued by whitewashed wooden ceilings on Pinterest...so pretty... but don't want to potentially ruin our ceiling either. Thoughts?

Since I like to visualize how I want the room to look, so I thought it would be fun to do a master bedroom inspiration board. I'm thinking lots of gray, white and dark woods with pops of teal and silver accents.

master bedroom inspiration:
master bedroom inspiration

bed: Joss & Main 
circle burst mirror: Crate & Barrel
dresserPottery Barn
mirrored jewelry armoire: Pier 1
nightstand: Winsome Wood
curtains: PBteen
lamp: Pier 1
teal and silver sequin pillow: Etsy
silver velvet pillow: Pier 1
pom pom pillow: Though the Country Door
alarm clock: Newgate
candle: Anthropologie

Part of the inspiration was to work with the pieces that we already have - such as nearly identical bedding from Anthropologie, an antique dresser that looks very similar to the Pottery Barn version, similar lamps, the mirrored jewelry armoire, and similar nightstands scored from Target years ago. Mainly because it's expensive to start completely from scratch, but also because I still love all these items and want to continue using them in our new home.

I think the fun pom pom curtains would be a relatively simple DIY, especially since the PBteen version are $81 a panel on sale, but you can get similar white pocket curtains at JCPenny for $20 a panel and gray pom pom trim in bulk from retailers like Walmart.com and Etsy. For the room we have three windows and the french doors, so I'm thinking eight panels total which would be $645 from PBteen - and there's no freaking way I'm spending that much on curtains - or $160 for the JCPenny curtains + three 20 yard rolls of pom pom fringe for $90 = $250 for the DIY version.

The first steps are paint and flooring...I'll be sure to post progress photos along the way. But first we have to paint the first floor before the kiddo's birthday party since daddy filled-in all the nail holes and now all the walls are covered in white spots. And there were A LOT of nail holes. I'm not sure what exactly was hung on the walls, but there was a lot of it. We have beige walls with leprosy spots. :/


  1. Could you do a dark wood floor and possibly paint the ceiling like a grey or white depending on the wall color?

    1. I'm pretty sure we're going to paint the room stonington gray (from the inspiration board) so I could do a solid white or a really light gray...which I hadn't thought of, great suggestion!

  2. Could you just paint the ceiling a clean white? I think that would be an easy way to make the room brighter and make it feel less rustic. I found a few ideas that look like they would look good with your inspiration board :)




    1. Oh my gosh, those white ceilings are absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely sharing this with my husband to see what he thinks...plus solid white would be so much easier to do than a whitewash. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the idea of a whitewashed (or just solid white) ceiling with everything on your inspiration board. And way to go on the idea to DIY those curtains instead of spending so much more on buying them. I think I may do that on my bathroom curtains now since they are just solid white...

    1. Oooo...if you do the curtains, I'd love to see how they turn out! It seems like such a simple DIY. :) If I don't do it in this room, I'll probably end up doing them in my daughter's room, though I found a really cute tassel version through Target. Man, I love Target. :)

  4. Ooh, a screened-in balcony - what a feature! And I really love the whitewashed ceiling idea. It's tricky when you have a home with particular character that's not you, but you also don't want to "ruin". I kinda think you should go for it though :) Would be so great with all of the rest of the inspiration! And I'm a big fan of gray (especially Benjamin Moore ones!) over beige too.

    1. Somehow gray just seems a bit more modern than beige, though when I showed my stepmom the paint swatch, she said it was almost the exact same color she painted the interior of her first home in the early 80s. I guess what goes around comes around?