Thursday, May 11, 2017

gray midi dress

magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_6

Kinda of proud of the fact that this outfit is a mix of older items in my bonus points for being able to squeeze into a non-maternity dress (even if it did look better before bump.) Though something a bit odd is going on with the elastic at my waistband, it accidentally got tucked in somehow, and I wore it that way most of the day before realizing that it looked odd. Oh well, that's real-life friends. A girl can't always be flawless, I suppose. :)

In fact, the only new item I'm wearing is a Micheal Kors watch (see a close up of it here). I've been an exclusive Fossil girl for years (since I bought my first one at 16). Since I've been wanting a tri-tone boyfriend watch that would go with everything, I purchased Fossil's tri-tone Jacqueline (see how I've worn it here) at a deep discount. Problem was, I just wasn't in love with it. It's pretty, but more on the delicate side and really wanted something with some weight/chunk to it. A friend of mine has a Michael Kors two-tone watch, and I love it, chunky but so girly and sparkly, so when I found the tri-tone version on sale for $160 on Amazon, I decided to jump on it. Every year come tax return time, I get a little more expensive than usual prize (last year it was the my mint Kate Spade Cedar Hayden - which I still carry daily - and the year prior the Clare V. leopard clutch) so this year it's a new watch, even if I do feel like a Fossil traitor. So much for being brand loyal, but I'm not going to lie, I don't feel too bad about it...

magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_3
    dress: Loft (similar)  last worn here  |  cardigan: Loft (similarishlast worn here  |  sandals: Target (similar)  |  necklace: super old, I'm not even sure where it's from (cute alternative)  |  watch: Michael Kors (exact)  |  earrings: J. Crew Factory (exact)

magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_4

Since today makes 18 weeks pregnant, here's a brief baby bump update. Baby boy's approximately 5 1/2 inches long, weighs almost 7 oz. and is about the size of a bell pepper. I've been feeling a little movement, not really kicks yet, more of a tightening, an odd sensation - quickening I believe it's called. :) Since I had a forward-facing placenta during my last pregnancy (sorry, TMI) I didn't feel a lot of my daughter's movements, so I'm hoping I'll be able to feel more activity this go around.

magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_7 magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_1 magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_5 magenta cardigan, gray midi dress and sandals_2

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  1. You look great! Love being able to wear non-maternity pieces!

    1. Thanks girl! Makes me happy too to wear something non-maternity once and awhile. :)

  2. This color combination immediately caught my eye - it is so striking! Don't you just love shopping your closet and finding new looks? Thanks for linking up!

    1. I always love joining the link up. Thanks for hosting!