Tuesday, June 6, 2017

mermaid birthday party

mermaid party 1

This weekend we held a mermaid birthday bash for our own little mermaid's 3rd birthday. It was a whirlwind trying to get the house together (maybe having a party two months after moving in a new home that needs work wasn't the wisest of plans?), decorating and putting the food together. Not to mention trying to do it all while pregnant. Whew! It was a bit of a blur - thank goodness my parents were in town to help! Sadly I didn't take nearly enough pictures (we were living the memories instead of taking them I suppose) and not everything came out exactly as I wanted, but the kiddo had a great time - and that's the most important thing. :) She had a blast playing on the bouncy house with her friends, blowing bubbles and sneaking in cupcake seconds. So overall, I'd consider the party a success!

mermaid party 17

I did a quick google search for party invitation inspiration, then designed and printed them on cardstock. The turquoise envelopes I found on sale at Hobby Lobby. It was the first time we invited friends as well as family, and we had more boys than girls which gave me a giggle since the party was a such a girly girl theme. :)

mermaid party 2

The balloon backdrop was inspired by this pin. I found the pink, teal and purple balloons (the aqua ones are leftovers from her first birthday party) as well as the sparkly sequin tablecloth on Amazon. Forgive the incomplete table, I was rapidly snapping photos before the guests came while my sweet stepmomma finished the sandwiches. Also, I should have gotten a larger table for the food, so we re-purposed the wicker hamper to hold the plates, napkins and silverware. I also think a solid plastic tablecloth underneath the sequin one would have helped block the light so you couldn't see the table legs. Oh, well, live and learn. :)

mermaid party 14

I made the felt starfish and seahorse - you can read about it here. I was having issues getting the balloons to stay behind the net, so I just attached them with a bit of a bit of twine and tucked the starfishes and seahorse into the netting.

mermaid party 3

These paper lantern jellyfish are another pinspiration find. Confession - I may have stayed up to midnight the night beforehand to make them. Where they necessary for the party? - nope- but still fun!

mermaid party 4

The necklaces and wands doubled as decor and party favors. Another DIY, the starfish wands are resin ones I found at Marshalls - half of which I spray gold - then hot glued ribbons and dowels from Joann's. The sweet mermaid doll is from Target, which immediately become Aubrey's once the party was over - she just loves it! The necklaces are a combination of pastel beads I strung together as well as some Dollar Tree finds. The wooden chest is from Joann's and the purple crate is from Hobby Lobby.

mermaid party 6

The food was under the sea inspired: carrot stick "crab legs," chips and gold fish became "fish and chips," peanut butter and jelly sandwiches "star-wiches," crescent dogs "sea snails" and so on. I already had some of the platters and my stepmom lent me the rest. Joys of living near the beach, meant we already had a bunch of stuff that would work perfectly. :) The food cards are just some cardstock I had on hand and wrote on with a white chalkboard marker.

mermaid party 8 mermaid party 13 mermaid party 5

Betty Crocker's butter cookie recipe is my favorite for cutouts. I already had the stars and hearts, and found the mermaid tail cookie cutter from Amazon.

mermaid party 7

I ordered the cupcakes from Publix, but made the chocolate tails with a mermaid tail mold from Amazon and the pirate toppers are from Hobby Lobby.

mermaid party 11

The gold foil pastel napkins and plates are also from Hobby Lobby and the gold plastic silverware and gold scallop jar from Target. The white metal container is another throwback from her first birthday party (originally Hobby Lobby).

mermaid party 10

The purple mason jars are from a bridal shower which I updated by hot gluing net and twine (tutorial here). The blue mason jar is old, but still available at World Market. The teal plastic tablecloth is a Target find which I tied with a piece of twine and topped with netting.

mermaid party 18 mermaid party 9

The bubble wands are from the Target's dollar spot, the foam swords and eye patches from Hobby Lobby, the green and pink jars are from the Dollar Tree and the bubble wands I found on Amazon.

mermaid party 16 mermaid party 12

But the star of the party was by far the bouncy house - which we borrowed from our neighbors. The kids spent the whole time running around like wild things - bouncing about, using the swing set and playing with bubbles.

mermaid party 15

All that non-stop playing meant one sweaty little toddler (who blew her birthday candle out long before we finished singing "Happy Birthday"). I completely forgot to get a picture of her in her mermaid tee and tutu - much less pictures with any of her friends or family. Once the kids arrived we were all too busy to even think about it until the party was over. Opps!

I hope you enjoyed her birthday party pics. We had a blast and it was a lot of fun to put together!


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know what you think didn't turn out quite right... this is all amazing! I love love love the decor and the color scheme (which is absolute perfection with your adorable house as well!). Awesome job on the cookies and invites too. SO FUN!

    1. I think it was more that I didn't get to do all the ideas I had for the party because we ran out of time. I also ordered super cute "Mermom" and "Merdad" shirts 'cause I'm cheesy like that, but they didn't arrive until yesterday. I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, but I tend to be a little perfectionist/overboard on these types of things. There was also some family drama that made the party a bit awkward/stressful - my folks are divorced and my mom doesn't get along with my dad. She was barely at the party, made it very clear that she was upset that my dad was there, refused to talk to people and was rude to my husband. It was more things like that, but overall, I think it turned out well and Aubrey had a great time, so that's what matters most! I'm disappointed I didn't get more photos of the birthday girl, which honestly is way more important than decor photos...but enough beating myself up. I'll just have to dress her back up in her party outfit and take some photos in our matching tees at a later date. :) It was a hot day, so at least we won't be all sweaty!

  2. so stinking cute!! and the invitations were adorable. good job.

    1. Thanks! I have a lot of fun doing stuff like that. :)

  3. Replies
    1. It was really fun - and best of all the birthday girl had a good time. :)

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