Monday, June 12, 2017

monday musings: week 23

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Q: What would you like to be when you "grow up."

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A: While I love my job doing marketing/graphic design for a university, one day I want to own my own gift shop. Maybe as a second career after the kiddos are grown, though you never know where life will take you. :)

My first taste of working at a gift shop was in high school when I first worked as a gift wrapper during the holiday season then later on the sales floor at a high-end gift shop at the mall. But I didn't really fall in love with the idea until college when I worked at a place at the top of a mountain kinda in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. The owner was fabulous - she let me create my own displays, run the place by myself, help with buying decisions and even go to market.

Her location was perfect - she was the only game in town - unless you drove down the mountain - but better yet she had great products - gorgeous jewelry, funky purses, candles and knickknacks - she even printed custom invitations (before the popularity of etsy and pinterest). Her stuff was cute, not stuffy, affordable and people just genuinely seemed to love shopping there and I equally loved working there.

So, for 10+ years now, that idea has percolated and grown in my mind as what I want to do someday...maybe years from now, but maybe I'll get a wild hair and do it sooner rather than later, it sure would be fun!


  1. What fun! I could see you doing this :) I might dream of running a bookstore in my idealistic dreams, but I know that in reality it's not all just reading and talking about books. Business isn't exactly my thing, ha!

    1. Yeah, I'd definitely want to learn more about operating a business before I actually took the leap and started one. I know lots about marketing and promotion, but not so much bookkeeping or the financial side of things.

      A bookstore sounds lovely as well. The closest one to me is almost 40 minutes away, which is just sad. Thank goodness for digital downloading. :)