Thursday, July 27, 2017

long gray dress

maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 2

As much as a love this gray jersey dress - and trust me I do cause it's soooo comfortable - I kinda feel like I'm wearing a nun's habit, abet a bit clinger/sexier than anything a nun would actually wear. And not to mention a lot more pregnant :) I bought the black version of this dress for my grandmother's funeral, and loved it so much I went back and bought it in gray and cobalt. Did I need three of the exact same dresses in different colors? Probably not, but they were all on sale for $15-20 each, so I don't feel too bad about it. And at this point, if I'm comfortable, that's ALL that matters. I think extra points should be awarded to any pregnant woman who dresses up in more than leggings and stretchy tees (which is all I want to wear, and do wear when I'm not working) - especially in summer. Though this dress feels like pajamas, so don't be fooled, I'm really just wearing jammies in disguise.

I realize it's been quiet couple of days on here. My grandmother passed away Friday afternoon and I flew up to Michigan early Monday morning for the funeral on Tuesday then flew back to Florida yesterday. I had some planned content, but honestly didn't feel like posting, I just wanted to spend time with my family and focus on them instead of blogging. I plan on writing a bit more about my grandma for next week's Monday Musings, but for now I'll just say she was an incredible woman and will be deeply missed.

maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 6
dress: Motherhood Maternity (exact, non-maternity version)  |  shoes: Franco Fortini (exact)  |   necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  earrings: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  bracelet: Baublebar (cute alternative)

maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 4 maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 1 maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 3

Today makes 29 weeks pregnant, and time for the latest baby bump update! Baby boy weighs approximately 2 1/2 pounds, is about the size of a butternut squash and a tad over 15 inches long. I got the results back from the 1-hour gestational diabetes test and I was borderline, as in I was 1-point away from passing it, so now I have to go in for the 3-hour test. Gack. But I knew there was a pretty strong possibility of that happening, so I can't say it's a shocker. :) 

maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 7 maternity gray maxi dress, medallion sandals 5

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  2. Sorry about your grandmother. I hope you are finding some peace.

    1. Thanks, Kristin. She loved a good, long life full of love - I don't think we can ask for more than that. :)