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summer 10x10 recap

Summer 10x10 outfit recap
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I did it, I completed the #Summer10x10 remix challenge! Overall it was a really positive experience, and I'm glad I participated, though I'm beyond excited to have access to the rest of my closet again. I'm learning that while a mini challenge is fun, I'm not sure a capsule wardrobe would work long term. I'm impressed and a bit envious of the folks who can keep it up for the long haul. But I'd definitely would be willing to try another mini challenge like this again. :)

For those of you just tuning in, the Style Bee started this style challenge as a way to become more creative with your closet. Using the Instagram hashtag #Summer10x10, it's a fun way to connect with other folks exploring their style. Basically, you pick out 10 items and wear them for 10 days. Tops, pants, dresses, layering pieces and shoes count toward the items, but accessories do not. You can do 10 consecutive days, but I chose to do 10 business days. I was a cheater and added an 11th item - a cream open weave cardigan - so technically I should be calling this a 11x10 remix...

10 pieces 10 outfits
* On the second day of the remix, I added an 11th - an open weave cream cardigan.

The pros:
  • Finding new ways to wear my clothing. My favorite was knotting my dotted tee over a dress. So simple, but it really made for a fun and comfortable outfit. 
  • Not having to stress about what to wear. Oh, man how I loved having that extra 5-10 minutes in the morning to sleep in the mornings. Between not that and not drying/fixing my hair, I've been sleeping in a good 15-20 minutes and it's been freaking amazing. That alone made the challenge worth it. 
  • Consistency in posting. This challenge made sure that I took outfit photos everyday and posted every day. Which means I'll have posted more in July than I have any other month during the past year! 
  • Learning the value of simplicity. While I missed the rest of my closet, sometimes it's nice not to have so many choices. While I didn't love everything I wore, it did have a consistent look and feel, which I can appreciate. :)
  • The value of quality pieces. Sometimes it's worth it to spend a little bit more on items that are going last. Ugh, the saga of the poor black Old Navy dress that looked great in pictures but horrible in real-life. It was so pilled by the end of the challenge and honestly I didn't feel very professional wearing it to work. But my nice J. Crew cardigan held up beautifully, and well as my years old chambray. Lesson learned - go for quality. 

Summer 10x10 favorite looks
favorite #Summer10x10 looks: one  |  two  |  three 

The cons (challenges):
  • Lack of flexibility. There were a couple of days where I didn't like a combination of what I was wearing, but felt like if I changed up the outfit, then I'd be wearing something from the day before, or something I planned to wear the next day and I was *trying* to keep it from looking like I was wearing the same thing over and over. 
  • Outfit fatigue. I think this really hit on day seven. I wore all my favorite outfit combinations the first week, so I just wasn't excited about what I was wearing for the second half of the challenge (though oddly, looking back it turned into one of my favorite looks). In retrospect, I would have mixed it up so my favorite outfits were more spread out. Also, toward the end we had some really hot, miserable days in Florida and and all I wanted to wear was one of my jersey dresses, but I wanted to stay faithful to the challenge, so I stuck with it. 
  • Dressing while pregnant. I felt like I was limited on items I could pick for this challenge since they had to fit the baby bump as well as have the ability to be remixed. So I didn't choose some of my favorite maternity items because I couldn't think of enough ways to wear them. 
  • More laundry. Sundays are my usual big laundry haul day, but I found myself doing mid-week loads both weeks since I could only wear an item once before it smelled. Yuck.

Summer 10x10 least favorite looks
least favorite #Summer10x10 looks: one  |  two  |  three

Going into the challenge, I worried that people in real-life would notice that I was wearing the same thing over and over, but to my surprise no one did. Or if they did, they didn't say anything. As I've mentioned before, I did really like who this challenge forced me to think about my wardrobe in a new ways. Though summer might not have been the best time to try it for the first time, only because you can't layer like you would in the fall/winter, which I think would have really helped make the outfits look a bit more unique. A cargo jacket, or another button up that could have been worn by itself or layered would have really helped with outfit longevity. I do believe the Style Bee is hosting another remix in the fall, but I probably won't participate this time around since it's so close to the baby's due date. I have a feeling I'll have my hands full! But, if I wasn't pregnant, I could definitely be down to try this again. :)

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  1. So fun to see this recap! I love the color palette and how cohesive all of the outfits look without seeming boring (though I can imagine personal boredom/annoyance once you "used up" your favorite combos, because I have experienced the same). I need to pay attention next time around before they do this 10x10 so I can give it a try too!

    1. I believe she's going to have another remix in the fall, but she hasn't announced the dates yet. I'd definitely participate again, but I doubt I'll be doing it this fall with the baby coming, guess it just depends on when the challenge ends up happening. :)