Thursday, August 31, 2017

august budget

august budget

august budget: $217.34
third quarter budget: $600 - $234.85 in July - $217.34 in August = $147.81 remaining

This was a little bit of an odd shopping month since about half the items were purchased last minute for an impromptu babymoon to St. Augustine. Both pairs of shorts, the blue kimono, black swing dress and cream lace top all fell into this category and (with the exception of the hated but needed shorts) all are happy editions to my closet.

On to the reviews. I'll start with the my least favorite - but desperately needed - shorts. These cream lace eyelet shorts are so cute (see how I wore them here) and very soft and comfortable. I did notice that they had a tendency to ride up while I was walking - probably because I have no thigh gap, so my thighs tend to rub. :( For reference, I bought these in an XL and they stretched a little bit throughout the day. Not enough to justify going down a size, but enough to note. The chambray scallop shorts (bought in a size 16) had the same two issues - they rode up a bit and stretched throughout the day. Since both shorts from two different stores did the same thing, I have to wonder if it was because of the high heat and humidity and lots of walking around or if they would have stretched anyway?

It was also a month for kimonos - though I think that's been every month lately. I found this plum lace kimono (see how I wore it here) in my local Target store and fell in love the with the color and lace details. For reference, it's an XXL. The paisley print kimono is something I've been eyeing for awhile, but at $69 full price was way to expensive to justify. When it went on sale I bought it, but my order was canceled due to lack of availability. Luckily, it popped back in stock and I was successful in snagging it the second time around. It's a M/L and I think runs a little large since I usually wear an XL at GAP.

I also added this maternity black swing dress (see how I wore it here) to my order when I purchased the kimono. My previous black maternity dress from Old Navy pretty quickly fell apart and I felt like this made a good replacement and as a bonus can be worn post-baby. It's super soft and comfy and runs a bit large - I got mine in a L instead of my usual XL. 

From Loft, I ordered this pretty cream lace maternity top (see how I wore it here), which I had originally planned on wear on our babymoon trip, but ended up switching out for a tourist tee since most of the day was spent in the car. I am, however wearing it today and it's super lightweight and comfy. For reference, it's an XL. I also bought this fun graduated navy stripe cardigan (see how I wore it here). Did I need yet another stripe cardigan in my closet? Probably not, but I like that it's nice and light weight and since it's still going to be full-on summer for awhile in Florida, I should get lots of wear from it in the months to come. It's also an XL.

And last, but not least, the Birkenstocks (see how I wore them here). I feel like I learned a bit of a hard lesson with these sandals. They were only available in sizes 9 and 6 at my local Rack Room Shoes, for which I had a return and thanks to a promotion made them insanely cheap). I tried them on in store in my usual size 9 (size 40), and thought they might be a touch big, but I didn't want to lose out on the sale, so I decided to go ahead and buy them. They're pretty comfortable for light walking, but when I took them to St. Augustine they rubbed my feet completely raw along the top straps (adjusting the straps didn't help) and I felt like the foot bed wasn't sitting right either. Basically, they were driving me nuts. My husband's sandals broke - seriously we had the worst shoe luck on our trip - while we were out and about, so we went a walking shoe store close to our B&B to look for replacement shoes for him. While we were in there, I asked the shopkeeper what he thought might be going on with my Birkenstocks and he took one look at my shoes and said they were too big. I tried on an 8 (size 39) and the fit was sooooo much better. Night and day. So ended up buying a pair that actually fit from his store in the antique lace color just to have something a little different. I think the slightly too big ones will still be fine for light wear, so they aren't a complete loss. Lesson learned, make sure to buy the right size. :) I debated included the second pair in my budget, but ultimately decided to leave them out - along with a touristy tee and a pair of pink freshwater pearls - since they were vacation buys.

Looking ahead, September is my birthday month, so I'm sure there'll be a birthday splurge or two in next month's budget, though nothing in particular that I'm shopping for at the moment. 

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