Friday, August 4, 2017

dressing the bump: the second trimester

dressing the bump second trimester
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Ya'll - I can't even believe that the second trimester is over and done with! The past three months have seriously flown by. I though it would be fun to share some of the things I've learned on how to dress for the second trimester - what worked and what didn't.

My clothing recommendations for the second trimester are:

maternity jersey dresses: These dresses are a lifesaver - stretchy, super comfy. I can't get enough of them! Plus they're easy to dress up with a pretty necklace or worn casually with a cardigan. 

midi skirts:

I'm not sure why it look me so long to figure it out, but midi skirts worn over the bump are seriously awesome. And it's definitely been a fun way to wear some of my non-maternity clothes. :) The trick for me is to wear skirts with elastic waistbands, there's no gaping and the elastic isn't constricting.

kimonos and long/lightweight cardigans:

I really like how a cardigan or kimono can make an outfit more interesting and help disguise unwanted lumps and bumps. 'Cause if you're like me, the belly's not the only thing growing (hello love handles and thunder thighs). 

a decent pair of maternity pants:

I feel like this has been a some trial and error for me. My J. Crew maternity pixie pants worked well in the first trimester, but got increasing tight and uncomfortable in the second trimester. And while a demi panel worked great in the end first trimester/beginning of the second trimester, by the end of the second trimester, it cut right across the belly and was super comfortable. For me, a full panel feels so much better in late pregnancy.

maternity tees:

GAP's maternity pure body tees are my jam. The side ruching is flattering and they are so soft and comfortable. They also have a lose-fit v-neck tee that's nice and comfy. Target also has some good maternity tees - like this black with white stripe one I recently picked up. I wore my maternity tees all the time post-baby and anticipate doing so again with this baby. 


As my pregnancy has progressed, I've really come to value the importance of comfortable sandals. While I have worn my sandals with a small wedge during the second trimester, I've mostly been all about flats. And since the heat is making my ankles swell, I have a feeling I won't be wearing anything with an ankle strap in the future. Thankfully, I found these pretty blush strappy sandals from Old Navy and these cognac medallion sandals from Rack Room Shoes to tide me over for the rest of the pregnancy. :)

And that's what I wore during my second trimester. For more maternity inspiration, check out my dressing the bump: first trimester post


  1. You're looking great! I love stripes and floral!