Friday, August 25, 2017

summer babymoon packing list

My sweet parents came in town this week and offered to watch our daughter this weekend so my husband and I could sneak in a little babymoon trip before baby boy arrives in October! We didn't want to travel too far away since we're getting close to the baby's due date - and let's be honest hours upon hours in a car or airplane sounds a bit miserable - so we decided to go to St. Augustine for a long weekend.

One of my absolutely favorite cities, St. Augustine is the perfect place to walk around, take in the sights, shop and eat a bunch of delicious food. We're staying at the same B&B we stayed at on our honeymoon and first anniversary, which I think makes this trip a little extra special.

gray tank: GAP maternity (exact, non-maternity option)  |  pink tee: GAP maternity (exact, non-maternity option)  |  lace yoke top: Loft maternity (exact, non-maternity exact)  |  scalloped shorts: Loft maternity (exact, non-maternity exact)  |  lace shorts: Motherhood Maternity (exact, non-maternity option)  |  jean shorts: Old Navy maternity (similar, non-maternity option)  |   kimono: GAP (exact)  |  dress: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  sandals: Birkenstock (exact)  | straw hat: J. Crew (exact)  |  sunglasses: J. Crew (exact)  |  bag: Sole Society (exact)  |  earrings: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  flipflops: Clark's (similar)  |  watch: Fossil (similar)  |  umbrella: J. Crew (similar)

Going to a Florida destination in August means it's going to really freaking hot, so I wanted to stick with light clothing and minimal accessories. Usually I like to pack so I can mix and match, but realistically I'll probably sweat through everything the day I wear it, so didn't even attempt it this time around. I'm taking some medication to control my glucose fasting levels that makes me really sensitive to the sun, so a big hat, shades and lots of sunscreen are a must! I bought NARS' Smooth & Protect Primer SPF 50 for my face and Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen SPF 55 for the rest of me. I've been checking the weather channel like crazy for the weather, and right now it looks like it's going to be a mix of sun and rain so I also threw in a pocket umbrella in case we get caught in a downpour.

I also plan on throwing in this super comfy maternity swing t-shirt dress in case we want to go somewhere nice for dinner and I've sweated through my daytime outfit. Some other things I'm bringing along are my prenatal charts/medical notes, emergency contact for my OBGYN and prenatals of course! My body pillow is also coming along for the ride. Honestly, I think packing for me was the easy part, it's packing up the toddler stay with Nanna and Pappa that's going to be a challenge! Wish me luck. :)


  1. Your trip looked like so much fun via Instagram! I've never been to St. Augustine before but I definitely would like to now. And I'd love to bring such a stylish little wardrobe too :) I love the way the kimono brings together the pinks and the cobalt. Blush is so versatile - I just planned a fall-ish capsule with some blush accents, and I think it's going to work just as great for fall with burgundy/olive as it does here for summer with the denim and happy blue shades.

    1. I loved your fall capsule - the pink, garnet and olive was perfect. I highly recommend St. Augustine, it's such a fun, historic town and I love that you can walk to everything.