Sunday, August 20, 2017

thoughts and whatnots 8.20.17

8.20.17 thoughts and whatnots
pink + garnet:  one  |  two  |  three

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  • what I'm watching: Reruns of Family Guy.
  • what I'm crafting: I'm making (slow) progress on the knit red and white dotted crib blanket. At this rate, I'm worried I won't have it finished by the time baby boy arrives - fingers crossed I can finish in time! 
  • what I'm crushing on: Have you seen the new Rifle Paper Co. Keds? Oh, my gosh, I'm just obsessed with the pretty floral designs. I think the embroidered floral and gold metallic ones are my favorites of the bunch, but they're all lovely. 
  • what I'm looking forward to: My sweet parents are coming in town this Wednesday and graciously offered to watch our kiddo so we could sneak in a little getaway before the baby is born. We've decided to go to St. Augustine for a few days since it's relatively close to home and one of our favorite places. I'm so excited for our trip!


  1. I am equally into beach looks and fall looks right now - both of those ones you shared are so great. And actually I was just thinking too about how great pink and burgundy/garnet are together, and I was thinking about making a September mini wardrobe with them. Great inspiration!

    Also... I do NOT need another pair of sneakers, but somehow I really do think I need those gold queen anne's lace keds. LOVE.

    1. It's that weird time of year were it still feels like summer, but all the stores are pushing out fall looks...I guess fall hues in summer clothes is a compromise?

      I want the same Keds so bad, but realistically I know I probably won't wear them that much and the white will get dirty really quickly - but they're just so dang pretty!