Wednesday, September 6, 2017


9.6.17 currently

currently I am...

celebrating: all the September birthdays in my family. My dad's birthday is the 7th, my stepmom's is the 13th and mine's the 26th! It's good to be a September baby. :)

watching: the tropics. Hurricane Irma's path is still uncertain, but there's a possibility it will go into the Gulf of Mexico and hit Florida. It's just a wait and see game right now...

welcoming: fall, or at least the idea of fall since North Florida doesn't really cool off until November. But still, a girl can dream...and light an apple cider candle, drink a pumpkin spice latte and decorate everything with pumpkins. Is it too soon to decorate?

preparing: for baby boy. Tomorrow will be exactly one month until he arrives - if all goes according to plan of course. ;) He's frank breach and quite large (which means he's unable to turn) so we have c-section scheduled for Oct. 5.

photographing: St. Augustine! Husband and I took a quick babymoon to the lovely city last weekend. You can read my post about it and see pics on instagram.

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  1. We have lots of September birthdays in my family too. Yay for your birthday month, but October is also an excellent birthday month for baby boys, I know from experience :)

    1. That's right, Hendrik's birthdays is coming up! I think October is a great month for a birthday. :)

  2. I know a LOT of people who were born in September - including my nephew! Happy Birthday month. :) I hope Irma stays away from where you live!


    1. So far, it's look like Irma is going to completely miss us - thank goodness - though the rest of Florida is going to get hammered. Hopefully it's track will shift and it'll skirt Florida completely...