Wednesday, January 31, 2018

on wednesdays we wear pink

pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 3

...and white denim apparently. Do you follow the "no white after Labor Day rule?" I can't say I'm much of a rule break, so traditionally, I'm not down for white jeans in January, or really before Memorial Day. But I loved the idea of pink with white and leopard that I decided to go for it anyway. And you know what, breaking the rules feels good. If white denim in January is wrong, I don't want to be right. :) I already have plans to pair it with so many other colors, so don't be surprised to see more of these bad boys on here in the days to come.

While I've worn white jeans on the blog in the past, I decided to invest in a fresh pair this year. My previous pair is on the thinner side and I wanted something that was thicker and more forgiving for lumps and bumps (thanks postpartum weight gain :) and I think this pair from J. Crew Factory hits the mark nicely.

Also new is this fun bubblegum pink sweater. I love that it comes down a little longer in the back and it's nice and soft. The only con is that the sleeves are super wide in the forearms. What is it with J. Crew assuming that women in larger sizes have freakishly large Popeye arms? Annoying. But I love the color and feel so much I decided I could deal with that one flaw.

I love me some teal, but pink might just be my new favorite color for pre-spring. It's so bright and cheerful! I don't know about you, but I'm the worst about pushing seasons. In August, I'm ready to break out all the fall clothes, and in January I'm ready for spring colors. But not shorts, I'm never ready for shorts. Bleh.

pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 4
sweater: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  jeans: J. Crew Factory (exact)  |  shoes: Madewell (similar)  |  necklace: Loft (fun alternative)  |  watch: Michael Kors (two-tone version)

pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 1
pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 2 pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 7 pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 6 pink sweater, white jeans and leopard loafers 5

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  1. I'm all for white pants whenever! Looks Great!
    Becky @bybmg

    1. Thanks so much! I loved them so much, I'm wearing my white denim again today. I'm hooked!

  2. Same here - I'm a rule follower, but I don't necessarily follow this "rule" when it comes to white jeans. I love them too much! Though I think wearing them in winter is a lot more doable when you live in a warm climate (they would look seriously dumb with snow boots). And I think this pink & white combo is also perfect for February! Sweet but still feels fresh. Love the pop of leopard you added too!