Friday, January 26, 2018

welcome to the world baby oliver

8 edits Though it's been a few months since Oliver was born - goodness how time flies - I still wanted to introduce him to you and share his birth story. 

Oliver Matthew came 10 days early on Monday, October 2. Though originally due on the 12th, we scheduled an induction for the 9th since he was tracking large and there was concern whether or not I would be able to deliver him if I waited to term. Instead, he surprised us all with an early appearance. I had gone to bed the night before thinking it was going to be days until we saw our little man. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and *thought* maybe my water had broken, but I wasn't sure. With my daughter it was a definite, just like in the movies with a whoosh, but not so much this time around. More like a steady trickle. TMI moment, I actually thought I'd just peed myself a little (oh the joys of late pregnancy). So I waited. Took a shower, packed the hospital bag and by about 3 a.m. decided it was really happening. Woke my husband and daughter up and by the time we got in the car to go to the hospital I knew it was happening. No question, full-on labor pains.

We arrived at the hospital around 4 a.m. and I was wheeled into the observation room while my husband waited with our daughter for my parents to arrive so they could watch her for us. After about a half and hour in the observation room, everyone agreed that yes, indeed I was in labor and I was wheeled into the labor and delivery suite. A half and hour or so after being in the room, my parents arrived and my husband was able to join me.

After having my daughter, I knew I wanted the epidural, but this time around they waited a little longer and holy, freaking, cow delivery is no joke. I have all the respect in the world for the mommas who do this business all-natural. There was so much snot, sweat and tears by the time the blessed epidural arrived.

My doctor - whom we had seen all though the pregnancy - was scheduled for noon, but he checked on us not long after I was admitted to tell me he'd see my in a few hours. Well, little man couldn't wait, because at around 10:45 a.m., about six and half hours after we'd been admitted to the hospital - it was time to push. The midwife on duty was absolutely lovely. I pushed for about 15 minutes and he burst forth with a good pop - all 9 lbs. 10.6 ounces of him. They immediately laid him on my chest, and it was love. He was perfect, a head full of dark hair and rolls upon rolls of sweet squishiness. I had some complications with my daughter, so we didn't get much initial skin-to-skin time, but with Oliver, we got to spend a good chunk of time together. My husband was even able to do some skin-to-skin time, which I thought was pretty neat. I was so blessed with a smooth labor and delivery (with both my kiddos) and I'm still in awe of how quickly it all happened.

A lot of the time after that was a blur. My parents came by with our daughter so she could meet her brother - who she was less than sure about at first. My mom and stepdad and my in-laws also visited. We were only in the hospital for one night before being discharged and able to go home. 

My husband and I came up with the name for our daughter pretty quickly, but debated almost to the very end on a first name for this little guy. One thing we knew for certain was that we wanted his middle name to be Matthew. On my side of the family, it's tradition for the oldest boy to take their father's first name as a middle name. My grandpa is Edward. My dad is Scott Edward and my brother is Matthew Scott. Since my brother has Down Syndrome, my husband and I decided to keep the tradition alive with our son.

We both loved the name Oliver from early on, which is also my husband's middle name. What tripped us up was if we went with Oliver, we'd have a Matthew Oliver (dad) and an Oliver Matthew (son). Sort of a junior in reverse situation I suppose. We worried it would be weird or confusing, but though we went round and round with other names, we kept circling back to Oliver. So we decided to embrace it!

Oliver is a happy, chill baby who loves to eat and has lots of big grins. He's a momma's boy through and through, though his big sister is a close second favorite. We already have loads of pet names for him like. "Little Man," "Buddy," and "Baby Oliver." Big sis is in love with him, trying to soothe him when he cries by bringing him all her favorite toes and constantly telling him that "he's soooo cute." And he's equally enamored with her. He tracks her wherever she goes and always with a ready smile.

Seriously, he's the best. I can't imagine our family without him. :)


  1. Aww I love reading birth stories - and seeing these adorable newborn shots! Yay for smooth labor and delivery and that sweet skin-to-skin time too.

    And I kind of love that their names are inverse - he'll always have such a good explanation of where his name came from! I'm big on family names though :) And also it's maybe less confusing/strange than the same inverse thing in sisters - that's what my mother-in-law and her sister have!

    1. I remember you telling me that! It actually made me feel a bit better about going with the reverse name thing ourselves. :) I'm big on family names too. Aubrey's middle name is Lillian, which is my grandma's name. And Oliver is also my husband's grandpa's name. So family names all around. :)