Thursday, March 29, 2018

pin to present: peony and rose wreath

The china hutch is one of my favorite places to decorate in our new home. At our old house, it wasn't nearly as prominent so I never bothered with it. Now that it's front and center in our dining/living area - combined with the fact that decorating the mantel is hampered a bit by the TV - it has quickly become my go-to spot to display seasonal decor. I wanted something soft and pretty for spring to go in the space and once I saw Laura's simple spring wreath with peonies I knew had to make it! I immediately rushed out to buy supplies, then sat on the project for a few weeks since finding time to craft these days has been almost impossible. But the stars aligned and I had a few hours yesterday to make it happen.

pin to present peony and rose wreath pin to present

Let me tell you, I love love love how it turned out! And it was so stinking easy (and quick) to put together. All you need is a grapevine wreath, flowers, lambs ear, hot glue and wire cutters.

peony wreath 5 peony wreath 1 peony wreath 12

Though I found the exact flowers Laura had used in her wreath in-store at Michaels, I wanted something that looked a little more realistic in real life, so I ended up splurging and getting real-touch rose sprays and peonies. Thankfully there were 50% off at the time, but still an investment. But let me tell you, they're GORGEOUS in real life, they truly look almost completely real. I also bought the grapevine wreath and small pink flower stems from Michaels and the lambs ear stems from Hobby Lobby.

peony wreath 10 peony wreath 3 peony wreath 11 peony wreath 9 peony wreath 8 peony wreath 7 peony wreath 6 peony wreath 4 peony wreath 2

Forgive me for the picture overload, I couldn't decide which photos I liked best, so I just put them all on here. :) Kind of unrelated, but I'm thinking about painting my red hutch palladian blue to better match the living room which consists of a lot of gray and greenish teal, but I'm worried it'll be too matchy-matchy. I'm worried right now the living room looks like Christmas with the greenish teal ottoman and red hutch. Sadly, I thought I had a picture of the currently state of the living room for reference, but all I could find was one from Christmas. Thoughts?


  1. Ahhh, it's FABULOUS. The peonies you picked look totally worth the splurge to me. Flower wreaths are just making me so happy right now - you make me want to make another one! Thanks, Pinterest :)

    1. I know right? All the flower things please...and see I can't seem to grow anything...fakes will have to do. :)