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rodan + fields - an honest review - weeks 4-6

rodan + fields header weeks 4-6

I'm officially six weeks into the Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen and Lash Boost serum. (You can read my review of weeks 1-3 here.) I'm super excited that I've started to see some real results, but I've also had some issues (mainly with the Lash Boost) these past few weeks. So without further ado, here my experience with both products for the past three weeks:

before and week 6 lashes no makeup
before and week 6 without mascara
before and week 6 lashes mascara
before and week 6 with mascara

Lash Boost - Weeks 4-6

Week 4 - No real difference this week, which was a little disappointing. Patience is so not my thing.

Week 5 - A few people have noticed a difference in my lashes. I've had problems with dry, irritated eyes and ended up developing a stye in the top lid of both eyes. After talking to my consultant, I decided to skip a night to give my eyes relief and started applying less product to my eyes. Thankfully by the end of the week the styes were gone.

Week 6 - I've really noticed a difference in the length of my lashes this week! I've been using less mascara and seeing a more dramatic result, which is great. I'm still having issues with dryness, so I've been using eye drops, making sure I use less product and wiping off any excess, which seems to be helping. This week I also decided to start using the product on my eyebrows, since Lash Boost can also be used to prompt eyebrow growth. Since the edges of my bows have started to thin, I figured it can't hurt!

lash boost weeks before - 6 weeks
before, 3 weeks and 6 weeks with mascara

Thoughts so far: I'm loving the longer lashes, but NOT the dry eyes that have come along with them. I talked to my consultant who reached out to her contacts at Rodan + Fields and apparently dry eyes are relatively uncommon and no one had heard of anyone developing styes, so I'm not sure what to make of that. So I googled it and found some people talking about both dry eyes and styes while using Lash Boost, so while I'm not the only one, it's not a common reaction. Since reducing my use of the product, I've definitely noticed an improvement in dryness and redness. I still apply the product nightly, but if the dryness gets to be too obnoxious, I'll skip a night.

reverse before and week 6
Reverse before and week 6 with no makeup (I'm not sure what's up with the uncheerful faces, I didn't realize how pitiful they looked until posting)

Reverse Brightening Regimine- Weeks 4-6

Week 4 - I experienced another big breakout by the end of week four, but that *could* have been hormonal. Fun, fun.

Week 5 - This week I definitely felt like my face was looking brighter and less dull. I've been using a bit less concealer, which has been a nice benefit.

Week 6 - Still having breakouts and oily skin by the end of week six, but I had those issues before I started using Reverse, so I don't think it's the product doing it at this point. And the breakouts aren't nearly as bad as when I first started using it. I'm back to my usual level of breakouts, if that makes sense. On the plus side, I've noticed some fading in the discoloration on my forehead and a little bit on my cheeks, which is really encouraging!

rodan + fields weeks 1-3 no makeup eyes open rodan + fields weeks 4-6 weeks 1-6 using Reverse 

Thoughts so far: I'm finally starting to see some noticeable results! My skin is less dull, and some of my discoloration has faded. I really love how my skin is feeling as well. Seriously, it feel so, so soft. I haven't been having any issues with sensitivity or negative reactions to the product. So far, I'm really pleased and can't wait to see where my skin as at by the full 12-weeks.

Have you tried Rodan + Fields? I'd love to hear about your experience! You can read my review from weeks 1-3 here and future updates will be posted after 9 and 12 weeks of use.

*This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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