Sunday, May 27, 2018

thoughts and whatnots 5.27.18

thoughts and whatnots 5.27.18 neutrals: one  |  two  |  three

blog love:
  • I just discovered Lauren, Emily and Kristin from Bestie Dressed, and I'm obsessed. All three of them have a such a great, obtainable style. Love it!
  • Another recent blogger find is Lauren from Simply Holifield. She's from Chattanooga (shout out to my hometown)! Loved her recent post on her trip to 30A (which is practically my current backyard). 
  • A new(ish) blogger that I love is Keely Raquel. Now in Nashville, I knew her when she lived here in Panama City Beach. She does gorgeous makeup and her outfits and home decor are equally amazing. 

on teal and polka dots:
  • on the blog: oh, my gosh nothing lately. I'm so, so sorry I've been MIA lately. My camera broke (which I'm beyond upset about) so I haven't been able to take any outfit photos. Plus, I've been crazy busy and wanted to focus on other things. So no blogging lately. But last week, I posted a review of weeks 7-9 of using Rodan + Fields
  • on instagram: when I stopped blogging I kinda went dark on the Instagram as well. So my only recent post is the same picture as above...a neutral look with a lace peplum top, crochet cardigan and skinny jeans. 
  • coming up on the blog: since my camera is still broken, I don't anticipate being able to take outfit photos (depressing) so I'm not really sure what the week will look like. What would you like to see other than an outfit post?

favorite sales:
There's so many good sales this weekend, it's hard to just pick a few, but here's a few of my favorites:
  • Extra 40% of sale at Anthropologie (no code required)
  • 40% off at Banana Republic (no exclusions!) with code BRSUMMER
  • 50% off everything at J. Crew Factory + extra 50% off clearance with code (WINWIN)
  • 50% off at Loft with code LONGWKND

  • what I'm watching: just finished binge watching Nurse Jackie. 
  • what I'm crushing on: Lisi Lerch earrings. My favs styles are ginger (in the latte color), button (in pearl) and maya in czech pink. 
  • what I'm looking forward to: Aubrey's birthday on Thursday - can't believe my baby is going to be 4-years-old - and her unicorn themed birthday on Saturday! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

rodan + fields - an honest review - weeks 7-9

rodan + fields header weeks 7-9

I'm three quarters of the way through my Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen and Lash Boost serum experiment. (You can read weeks 4-6 here and weeks 1-3 here). While I've continued to see results, I've also had some issues with running out of product too soon and lashes falling out. Here's my experience with both products for the past three weeks:

before and week 9 lashes no mascara before and week 9 without mascara before and week 9 lashes with mascara before and week 9 with mascara

Lash Boost - Weeks 7-9

Week 7 - My eyelashes have started to fall out, sometimes five and six at a time leaving me with thin, sparse lashes, with gaps between. Freaking out, but I assume it's because while Lash Boost extends your lash growth cycle, eventually the growth cycle has to end and they have to fall out. Unfortunately mine decided to fall out in mass. :(

Week 8 - I'm not going to lie, I'm so unhappy with my the way my lashes look. After last week's fallout, the remaining lashes are long, but look weird, with gaps between the lashes. The left eye definitely looks worse than the right. I'm tempted to stop using, but want to press on until week 12 to see if there's improvement.

Week 9 - my lashes are starting to even out - thank goodness - and I've noticed my lashes darkening. At night I keep trying to scrub off my remaining mascara only to realize that's just my lashes, no mascara remaining. My left lashes are still a little wonky looking, but much improved from week 7. Looking back at week 1 vs. now, I can really, really see a difference in the length in my lashes and I'm hoping my lashes will thicken up in the weeks to come. I'm hoping for volume as well as length.

lash boost weeks before - 9 weeks
before, weeks 6 and 9 with mascara

Thoughts so far: I'm still not convinced this is going to be the miracle product that gives me the amazing lashes of my dreams. Yes, my lashes are longer, yes they are a bit darker, but with the weird lash fallout and continued occasional eye irritation, it's not a perfect product - at least not for me. That being said, the tube of Lash Boost has lasted a long time. I'm still on the original and there seems to be a lot of product left, which makes me feel a better about the $150 price tag.

reverse before and week 9 Reverse before and week 9 with no makeup

Reverse Brightening Regimen - Weeks 7-9

Week 7 - Ugh, I ran out of toner this week. Still using the cleanser and brightening complex.  No huge skin changes of note. 

Week 8 - This week I ran out of face wash. No real difference in my skin, probably because I haven't been using as much product to try to make it last until the new product arrives (automatic renewal ships every 60 days).

Week 9 - Hooray for being fully stocked again with cleanser and toner! Also, I'm noticing a decrease in breakouts, which is awesome! After two weeks of not being able to use perform the regimen as I was supposed to, I'm back to the original routine. It's worth noting that while I did run out of face wash and toner, I have a ton of the brightening complex left. I'm still using the originals and haven't tapped into the new tubes yet. I probably used too much of the toner and cleanser to start out with, so I'm using less of it during each application to see if I can make it last as long as it's supposed to. 

rodan + fields weeks 1-3 no makeup eyes open
rodan + fields weeks 4-6 rodan + fields weeks 7-9 weeks 1-9 using Reverse

Thoughts so far: I've definitely noticed an improvement in skin texture from when I originally started using the product and my breakouts are finally starting to clear up. On a daily basis, I don't feel like I've seem dramatic results in reduction of discoloration, but looking at photos, I can see a huge different between week 1 and 9. I've also haven't had to use as much makeup on my skin, which is awesome.

Have you tried Rodan + Fields? I'd love to hear about your experience! You can read my review from weeks 1-3 here and weeks 4-6 here. Stay posted for my final 10-12 week review.

*This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

thoughts and whatnots 5.6.18

5.6.18 thoughts and whatnots pencil pants and leopard flats:  one  |  two  |  three

blog love:

on teal and polka dots:

favorite sales:

  • what I'm reading: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. 
  • what I'm watching: PJ Masks #toddlerlife
  • what I'm looking forward to: My poor husband is in the middle of a 12 day work week on the heels of a six day work week (with a Sunday off). So basically he'll have worked 19 out of 20 days in a row. We're both so ready for him to have next weekend off! 

Friday, May 4, 2018

color crush - all things blush

I can say with certainty that my new favorite hue for spring/summer is blush. It's such a happy, fun hue! It's practically a neutral, easily pairing with teals, grays, navys, olives, and even deeper pinks and corals.

all things blush

sweater blazer  |  watermelon tee  |  filigree necklace  |   floral band watch  |  capri blue candle  |   round throw pillow  |  copper picture frame  |   fan earrings  |   tory sandals  |   leather satchel  |   hello gorgeous mug  |  stackable rings  |  blushing bride nail polish  |  chunky knit throw  |  2019 planner

I doubt any of you are surprised that this sweater blazer made the list (see how I've worn it here and here). It's been my go-to layering piece this spring - I'm beyond obsessed with the color and cozy fit. I've yet to wear this combo in real-life, but I think it would look fabulous paired with this watermelon tee and a pair of skinny jeans. This delicate filigree necklace has been on my wishlist for a while now. I tend to gravitate toward longer necklaces, but it would be nice to have a shorter one like this to wear with tees and such. 

Capri Blue's volcano scent is one of my absolute FAVORITES and I'm beyond obsessed with this gorgeous opalescent container. So pretty. Speaking of pretty things, how lovely would this round toss pillow look on the sofa along with this chunky knit throw

And I could never justify buying them for myself, but I can't say I'd be upset if someone just happened to gift me these Tory Burch sandals

How do you feel about the color blush? Love it or ready for the trend to pass? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


5.2.18 currently

currently I am...

celebrating: little man turning 6 months old! Can't believe how quickly time has passed. He's army crawling and *this* close to full-on crawling, loves tummy tickles, blowing raspberries and is all kinds of enamored with his big sister.

creating: this unbelievably adorable knit pegasus unicorn for my daughter. You can purchase the pattern here and I bought rainbow variegated yarn from As soon as it arrives it's knitting game on.

wearing: this blush sweater blazer on repeat.

sharing: my experience with Rodan + Fields' Lash Boost and Reverse Regimen.

going: (or just went) to Destin to Emeril Lagasse's newest restaurant Emeril's Coastal Italian. He was working in the kitchen that night, so we got to see him in action!

Sharing with Anne in Residence and co-host Carrie of A Stylish Fit for Currently. Each month features a series of prompts that may be interpreted any way you wish.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

blush sweater blazer on repeat

blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 1

When you love this blush sweater cardigan as much as I do, you have to wear it on repeat, amiright? I've been suffering from outfit fatigue lately, and am having a hard time getting excited about getting dressed. So I apologize for not posting as much lately. I just haven't been excited about what I'm wearing, haven't wanted to take photos, and have had a big 'ole case of the blahs. Hopefully this is just a temporary malady.

It's been hard to write about what I'm not really into at the moment. In all honesty, I feel like life has been pulling me in a different direction from the blog. I'm not saying I'm going to stop blogging, at least not yet, but I am contemplating how I want (and if I should) proceed. I think you should love what you're doing and if it starts to become a chore, something's wrong. And lately, I've been blogging because I feel like I should, not because I want to. I'm not saying this to whine or complain, but I want to be transparent about what's going on.

blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 6
sweater cardigan: J. Crew (exact)  |  tee: Target (similar)  |  pants: Loft (similar)  |  shoes: J. Crew Factory (similar)  |  necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)  |  watch: Kate Spade (exact)

blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 3
blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 4 blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 5  blush sweater cardigan, white tee, black pencil pants, leopard flats 2